VRGE’s VR Dock is a storage and charging unit compatible with multiple headset and controller designs. Featuring a wood finish and protective rubber bumpers, the prototype has an elegant appearance, and is currently seeking crowdfunding via Kickstarter.

The current generation of VR hardware is bulky. The headsets are large, awkward shapes, and motion controllers are full of rounded surfaces and tend to roll about; resting everything on a table is untidy, and the original packaging isn’t all that practical for day-to-day storage.

vrge vr dock (1)

VRGE hopes to address the problem with their VR Dock, a stylish unit with a wood finish and rubber inserts that allow compatibility with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets and controllers.

VRGE Kickstarter

vrge vr dock (5)It can be placed on a surface or wall-mounted, and USB cables can be routed into the base, allowing the charging of the Vive controllers. An optional adapter allows charging of PS Move controllers, and a second optional adapter has been designed to store Oculus Touch controllers (there is no facility to charge these, as each Touch uses a standard AA battery).

There are some well-considered ideas in VRGE’s design, such as the central slot at the front that allows for cables to be arranged with minimal hassle, and the fact that the headsets can be placed upright, so that the lenses aren’t exposed to sunlight or dust, as is often seen when users hang their headsets from hooks.

Further information about this prototype can be found on VRGE’s website, and via their campaign page on Kickstarter, which ends on February 16th.

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  • Dobba

    This actually looks great and perfect for my VIVE which currently sits on top of my computer in a bit of a mess. I want to back it but told myself I’d never touch Kickstarter again having been burnt by it. May have to have a rethink.

  • Rafał Kun

    this looks great! Right now keeping the rift controllers, headset, XBOX controller and managing all the cables is a mess.

  • Would love to have that accessorie. But have gone away from crowedfunding objects due to to much fraud in the last time :) But if it hits the marked, i will buy :)

  • Erik

    Please give me money so that in the case of complete failure I don’t have to lose my own money, just yours. yay kickstarter is brilliant

  • Sponge Bob

    who cares ?

    Both Vive and Rift and controllers will be replaced very soon with different (smaller) form factor HMDs…

    Just answer one question:

    Why are Rift and Vive HMDs and hand-held controllers are so f***** huge at present ?

  • Religion is Cancer

    Can’t have it collecting dust. I mean, who uses their VR that much where it wouldn’t be a problem?