VRGO, the wireless motion controller using inertial input that you sit on, has passed it’s £20,000 Kickstarter goal and has announced a stretch goal to provide a customised version of the chair.

VRGO offers a seat, loaded with inertial sensors that let you control your VR avatar’s locomotion and rotation entirely by moving the seat under your own weight. The company has now passed it’s £20,000 Kickstarter goal and have introduced a stretch goal to produce a unique version of the chair with very specific look.

“Since reaching their target, VRGO have introduced a stretch goal of £23,000 and if reached, backers who have pledge for a chair will have the chance to choose from two new colour designs; Kiwi and Mars.”

New Colours

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Additionally, VRGO will introduce a new referral scheme to encourage take up of the unusual controller device.

“…backers who have pledged for a chair can become a ‘Super Backer’ and receive a ‘Super Backer Kit’ for getting someone else to do the same.”

You can find more information on the new stretch goal and the referral program over at the VRGO Kickstarter website here

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    Kiwi and Mars? It’s more like Rei and Asuka!