L.A. Live Hero Image 2010 VRLA, a virtual reality community organization based in Los Angeles, is firing up a series of quarterly expo events designed to showcase virtual reality and the community creating it. The first expo event will be held at the end of March. You can save 50% on early-bird tickets starting today.

The Virtual Reality Foundation is pleased to announce VRLA Spring Expo on March 22nd at the Marriott hotel in LA Live. The first in our series of quarterly events, VRLA Spring Expo will feature cutting edge VR demos and illuminating presentations and panels. Past exhibitors have included Oculus, Sony, Samsung, Unity, Epic Games, and Sixense.

VRLA Spring Expo

VIP tickets grant access to the event at 11:00 AM, two hours before the doors open to the general public. Student IDs will be checked at the door for student tickets. VRLA Spring Expo is ages 13+. VRLA is also previewing VRLA Sphere, the VRLA Expo subscription with exclusive access to the heart of the VR community. Members receive:

  • Free VIP passes to every VRLA Expo event
  • Members-only dinners and networking events with VR thought leaders
  • Learn how to design VR content from the ground up from Unity and UE4 gurus
  • Monthly discounts on VR hardware & software

Additional details and exhibitors will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets are on sale starting today.

VRLA held its first event in April, 2014, making the March Spring Expo a near mark for the one year anniversary of the organization’s first gathering. The group has worked to connect and evangelize virtual reality and the community of people building it. As the largest VR meetup group in Los Angeles, VRLA represents a key crossroads of the VR industry and the Hollywood film community. Road to VR is a proud media sponsor of VRLA.

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    Thanks for helping put the word out, Ben. At the last VRLA, a few industry veterans told me the crowd was at least as big as the biggest VR expos they ever saw in the 90s. I think we had about 1,000 people at the last one. Here’s to making the next one the biggest VR event LA has ever seen!

  • dat01

    Omg Guys. Think … many already have VRs! Why not make an VR event for the VR event? What better way to make news or a big splash on the net?

    But personally for me going to the states being a dad with 2 kids is a no go. But make a VR event and ull find me there.

    Make VR event, Ill buy a ticket for it!