Skydance Interactive, the studio behind the wildly successful zombie shooter The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, today revealed their next VR game: Behemoth.

Debuted at Connect today, Behemoth is still largely a mystery. The team says the Quest 2 and Rift S title is being “built from the ground up to showcase everything Skydance Interactive has learned about what it means to fight for your very survival in VR.”

Although only pure speculation, it seems like Behemoth is a survival game set in a Nordic environment that must include some very big monsters. The only other piece of info we have for now is it’s coming to Quest 2 and Rift S, and that it will arrive at some point in late 2023.

Check out the short teaser below:

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  • Neeedles

    the Rift S is still their latest PCVR headset, why not just slap a displayport onto the new ones?

  • Andrey

    Ugh… A years ago, back in 2017 or something, there were news that Skydance got the riights to create something Sword Art Online related (probably a live action series) for VR. And it’s 2022 – the year of SAO – Meta says “We have something else from Skydance!” – and they show this. Another game about, probably, killing big monsters or something else as generic as it can be. I wasn’t expecting anything special from the Connect, but that hit below the belt was really unfair and it’s my biggest dissapointment from this event.

  • Anonymous_Dude

    I can’t wait for this one, this looks really cool!

    • Alex

      It’s a 25 seconds teaser… please tell me what looks really cool

      • Anonymous_Dude

        Nordic snowy wasteland fighting what looks like will be massive monsters. That is what looks cool to me.

        • Well hold on to your pants, because you can already DO THAT in Asgard’s Wrath, which was AAA-game and released 3 years ago.

          This on the other hand is barely a fart in the wind at this point.

          • Anonymous_Dude

            I see what you are saying, but I am speaking from the Quest perspective. I don’t have a PC so I haven’t had the chance to play Asgards Wrath. But quest hasn’t had anything like that yet. This could be the first if done well. I do agree with your main point though.

      • Anonymous_Dude

        Also the fact it is being made by the same devs as WD: S&S is a good sign.

  • Well that video was…. nothing. The description, “Fighting giant monsters in a Nordic wasteland” says more then that entire trailer.