Waltz of the Wizard, an uncommonly high-quality VR wizard experience from Reykjavik-based Aldin Dynamics, just got an update today introducing a new locomotion system and a “significant” expansion to the potion-mixing magical experience including  an entirely new area full of traps and supernatural guardians.

Aldin details the update in a blog post, where they introduce
‘Telepath’, a new VR locomotion style that combines elements of teleporting and linear movement. Critically, Aldin maintains Telepath “encourages greater physical engagement and simultaneously minimizes risk of discomfort.”

According to the company, Telepath is a path-based system that lets users instantly define where to go and how to get there with a wave of the hand. Effectively it functions a bit like a user-defined on-rails teleport that speeds-up forward motion when you make natural, running hand gestures. Much like the zero-G locomotion scheme seen in games such as a Lone Echo (2017) or Climbey (2016), tying artificial movement to real-world motion significantly reduces the discomfort associated with VR locomotion.

Aldin continues:

Artificial locomotion may never feel like an adequate substitute for physical movement, but there’s no solid way around play area limitations. For now our best option is to make VR locomotion systems that feel as natural and unintrusive as possible, for the broadest range of users.

Telepath’s basic implementation comes alongside a new area just outside the Wizard’s tower, which lets you engage in basic combat with some very imposing figures.

Aldin Dynamics remains one of the most experienced VR studios in the world, launching software on Oculus developer kits and Gear VR. It’s Ghostline VR analytics software, showcased in Waltz of the Wizard, was also used in the construction of games such as SUPERHOT VR (2017) and The Gallery: Call of the Starseed (2016).

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Waltz of the Wizard currently holds a [10/10] rating on Steam with over 200,000 owners, beating out Valve’s own demo experience The Lab (2016) and making it the most popular VR-only game on the digital marketplace.

You can download Waltz of the Wazard for free with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Steam here.

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  • gothicvillas

    I like the art, it looks well polished. But I couldnt understand what I have to do there.. mixing stuff okay, throwing breaking stuff.. but then what?