XREAL Games, the studio behind co-op VR shooter Zero Caliber VR (2018), and 2ndGig announced a new co-op shooter headed to PC VR headsets in 2021. Called Gambit!, the upcoming game tosses four players into what the creators call “a road movie style adventure full of tracks and guns and rock and roll.”

The creators say Gambit! follows four mercenaries who botch an important job and infuriate an influential client.

The creators say Gambit’s campaign will be broken into three chapters, each of which includes three “large” maps. The shooter is also said to include a diverse range of weapons and unlockable content, and can be played in both single or four-player co-op via campaign mode. A multiplayer deathmatch is also planned.

There’s precious little to tell from the teaser (linked below), however XREAL and 2ndGig promise a gameplay reveal video sometime this fall, which should arrive with some more details too.

If it’s anything like XREAL’s Zero Caliber VR or more recent shooter A-Tech Cybernetic (2020), it’s likely the game will first head into Early Access before its full release.

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  • Ok, how did they possibly sell the game so well with a ten second teaser!?!?!? I am hyped!

  • PJ

    Mixed feelings, these guys know how to make a good game that’s for sure, but I feel that there way more they can do with Zero Caliber

  • The studio is for sure able to make great games, but the trailer doesn’t reveal anything so.. let’s wait