‘Zenith’s First Major Update Releases Today, Featuring “dozen of hours” of New Content

20 New Quests, 6 Dungeons & More


Zenith is getting its first major update next week with the launch of ‘The Celestial Throne’, a v1.1 patch that’s slated to bring a massive slice of content to the MMO.

Update (June 16th, 2022): In addition to the new instanced dungeons rolling out today, Zenith studio Ramen VR additionally says players can expect headgear such as masks, helmets, and crowns. This comes in addition to a new item infusion mechanic to level up gear, amid more daily and weekly quests, 50 pieces of armor and godstones, 10 brand-new full-size quests, and what the studio says are “lots of new interactive puzzles and objects across the game world.”

The update will be live today on all supported headsets. The original article follows below:

Original Article (June 10th, 2022): On June 16th, the Celestial Throne Update is set to introduce what developers Ramen VR say will be “dozens of hours” of new content, including three new four-person dungeons and three eight-person raids.

The studio says we should expect:

  • Explore an awe inspiring giant castle and giant obstacle course you must scale to reach
  • Delve 6 meticulously crafted instanced dungeons including a ton of new interactive puzzles
  • 8 new armor sets + helmets
  • 20 new quests
  • Matchmaking, Daily Quests, New Armor Sets, New Enemy Types, and much more

Of course, there’s also a brand new story element too—The Celestial Throne itself. Here’s how Ramen VR describes it:

Emerging from the violent storm essence that kept it hidden for the last 60 years, a flying castle hovers down near the surface once more. Within the suspended castle and scattered around the world, adventurers will find six new instanced dungeons filled with interactive puzzles, traps, adversaries, and an abundance of treasure. Assemble parties of 4-8 players through instance matchmaking, then get ready to test every skill you have, both as individuals and as a team.

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The studio shows off a few of the challenges that await in the new release trailer, including the previously revealed ‘Furnace’ dungeon, which is at the heart of the castle.

“The Furnace keeps the enormous fortress afloat with the power of superheated flames and lava. You and your party must feed fire-starters to the forges to generate updrafts from the heat vents. Well-timed updrafts will then carry you across scorching lava pits, and deeper within the Furnace to where a beast awaits,” Ramen VR says.

There looks to be some really interesting environmental hazards along the way too (skipping a laser rope?!).

For owners of the base game, you can actually request beta access today before it goes live on June 16th. You’ll find Zenith on Meta Quest 2, SteamVR headsets, and PSVR.

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  • Roadrunner

    Three dungeons for 4 players and three raids for 8 players is quite a lot of content. I didn’t expect that they would manage to produce new content of this kind so quickly. As someone who is mainly interested in challenging group content in MMORPGs, I am looking forward to the update.

    • ViRGiN

      likely just like flat games, that content was mostly ready and shelved to release at later date to appear they are making fast progress.

      • JakeDunnegan

        I imagine like any game developer, they have a pipeline, with different content in various states of readiness. Most successful online games these days continue to push content to keep their user base occupied and committed.

        What’s interesting about the way you comment, is that you manage to put some nefarious or negative spin on just about anything.

        • ViRGiN

          i wish more people were like that, because people are still blown away by the simplest of the simplest things. WOW, I CAN SEE MY HANDS IN VR, WOW THIS FEELS SO COOL.

          • Roadrunner

            Since I’ve been playing mostly MMORPGs since Evequest 1, I have a pretty good idea of the genre. I have often criticised Zenith for its premature release, the many bugs, the rudimentary user interface that lacks of many comfort features that are standard in today’s games. An endgame was also practically non-existent, with a single world boss and an incredibly boring grind for legendary equipment.

            If we are honest, I would have expected the dungeons and raids that are now being released at the time of release, because this kind of content is one of the main attractions of MMORPGs.

            This all sounds negative now, but I still had fun with the game (played an EM tank and BM support to level 40) and with over 60 hours of play, got more for my money (only 22 € at the time) than in many other VR games.

            However, being a developer myself, I can understand that with such a small team as Zenith, it’s a small miracle that they were able to develop an MMORPG with raids and dungeons at all in the time frame they did, even if the foundation for it was laid a few years ago. On top of that, they had to develop an MMORPG for a completely new medium (VR) and then on all platforms, including Quest 2. Despite all the criticism, one should never forget that MMORPGs are the most complex games in development and often take more than 6 years to develop, even for large teams.

          • Jasmine Scott

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          • Ookami

            Being a cynic and conspiracy theorist about everything isn’t better than being naïve and overly optimistic. Just giving credit where it’s due and criticism where it’s deserved, while always giving the benefit of the doubt is best way to go.

  • Back to the grind… maybe? I don’t know if I would have played the game for more then a single hour if it wasn’t for my friend also playing it. Even then, 3 dozen hours in, it is pretty much the exact same thing with new skins on an endless loop. The JRPG, copy and paste grind. Seeing it in VR was novel, but without my friend constantly getting in over his head, it wasn’t very interesting. I have serious doubts this update will be enough to bring him back.

  • R.a. Rodriguez

    Looking forward to the next update having PVP of sorts. Please make it happen, all my friends playing this game’s just waiting for that too. Almost-everyone’s at end-game now, kinda boring without competitiveness at play

  • Richard R Garabedian

    I will never be able to see Zenith in a good light again after playing it at launch

    • Billy Jarvis

      Never understand this

      That’s like saying we’ll the baby can’t talk so I’m moving on

      Given some time they may very well be one of the best

      Take a look at no mans sky for example