Robinson: The Journey’s recent Steam release got off to a rocky start with a fatal bug which prevented players from even starting the game. Today, a 140MB patch from Crytek appears to have fixed the problem.

Yesterday we reported on Robinson: The Journey’s launch on Steam which lacks support for the platform’s most populous VR headset, the HTC Vive, and still unfortunately doesn’t include motion controls. Until now, those were the least of developer Crytek’s worries, because a critical bug was preventing a significant majority of owners from even launching the game. The recent Oculus Home release of the game didn’t exhibit the same issue.

robinson-bugThe bug, apparently in place for nearly six days since the game’s Steam release, caused a ‘Platform Error’ pop-up at launch which prevented the game from running. Today a 140MB patch has cleared that issue. Here’s the changelog as shared by Crytek:

We implemented an Update to address the Steam entitlement issue reported by our community. Players will no longer get blocked by an entitlement error on Steam if they launch the game. We also added a few more minor improvements:

• Fixed an issue which blocked players from launching the game with an “User not entitled” message. Players are now able to launch the game without the entitlement message being triggered.
• Minor improvements on SSDO, Antialiasing and Shadow settings which could cause rendering issues.
• General improvement on game stability with specific hardware setups

Now Rift owners can actually play Robinson: The Journey through Steam. And while reports of the bug on the game’s discussion board have been quelled, the board is now largely consists of questions about the lack of Vive and motion controller support.

New Settings in 'Robinson: The Journey' on Rift Let You Max Out Visuals

One bright spot for Robinson on PC is new graphics settings which let players with beefier hardware crank the graphics up, allowing the game’s AAA visuals to really shine.