New Settings in ‘Robinson: The Journey’ on Rift Let You Max Out Visuals


Launching originally for PlayStation VR, Robinson: The Journey was carefully optimized and tweaked to ensure consistent performance across all PS4 systems. The recently released Rift version—despite lacking Touch support—fortunately puts control into PC players hands, allowing you to max out the visuals, if your computer can handle it.

No one knows how to better eek out gorgeous graphics from CryEngine than Crytek themselves, the company who built the engine and developed Robinson: The Journey atop it. As far as VR games go, Robinson is easily in the top five best looking VR games made yet, bringing a feel of AAA quality to the VR content landscape.


And, if you’re playing on Rift, you may be able to make it look even better. In the game’s Settings menu, a new Graphics option (not present on the PSVR version) lets you toggle Resolution Scale, Shadow Quality, SSDO Quality, Anti-aliasing, and Distant Object Quality.

While the default options are set to allow the game to run great on hardware that meets Oculus’ recommended spec, those of you with more capable PC hardware will be able push the games graphics even further.

The Resolution Scale option is going to make perhaps the biggest difference. This effectively ‘supersamples’ the game, rendering each frame at a higher resolution, and then downsamples to fit the Rift’s display. This results in sharper edges thanks to finer data available during anti-aliasing. The difference between the 1.0x and 2.0x options is significant.

Easily Sharpen Vive and Rift Visuals With Supersampling Using 'OpenVR Advanced Settings'

With the rest of the settings maxed out (testing on the Exemplar 2 with a GTX 1080), the game’s lush world and high quality lightning really pushes the graphical bar for VR games, giving you what feels like a ‘AAA’ visual experience.

We captured 15 minutes of Robinson gameplay on the Rift (see video leading the article), to give you a taste.

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  • Raphael

    This is getting trashed by people due to lack of Octopus touch controls. It’s great to see the dev was brave enough to deliver full locomotion but is Crytek aware Touch exists?

    • Caven

      Considering they added Touch support to The Climb over 6 months ago, yes, they know it exists.

      • Raphael

        So that makes it even more bizarre they’d release with shitty eggbox only controls at this stage. They don’t really seem to be in touch with gamers.

        • Mike

          A box of octopus eggs?

          • Raphael

            The title of my next song.

        • DM

          Craphael can’t you call anything by it’s normal name?

          • Raphael

            I really tries but I can’t. Palmer unlucky, zeniwanks.

    • Get Schwifty!

      You have to admit that’s a pretty big loss, worst than losing full locomotion for most people.

      • Raphael

        Have u ever wondered how some of these companies can be so detached from reality? One of us should go to the Crytek HQ and ask them what’s going on? I think you should do it and then report back here. Perhaps some of us can help with the cost of travel for you..

        • Mike

          “Have u ever wondered how some of these companies can be so detached from reality”
          Maybe they’re living in their own “virtual” reality.

  • Joan Villora Jofré

    And they don’t translate de game to other languages, far worse.

  • Mermado 1936

    Another shitty exclusive… FUC*K YOU OCULUS

    • Sebastien Mathieu


    • Get Schwifty!

      Really looking forward to this when they support Touch… by the way I feel the same way towards any game only available on console… I would add Sony, etc. to your F.U. list if you want to be consistent about it…

      • victor

        Yeah fuckyou sony

      • NooYawker

        There always has been console exclusives. It’s a different system Thant the PC. But making something exclusive to a peripheral running off a PC is bs.

    • John Leonard

      It WAS an exclusive game on the Playstation 4. They now added Oculus support and I am pretty sure that VIVE will also get it down the line.

  • Andy

    They need to fix the movement in the game. Game gave me the worst headache after 15 mins of the choppy movement control the game uses.

  • Foreign Devil

    If you get Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR and max out the settings it probably beats this game graphically.

  • ✨EnkrowX✨

    Full locomotion? I’ve been waiting for something like this. Don’t really care about the lack of motion controls myself, not every game needs them.

  • James Friedman

    The first 15 minutes were so boring I put the game down and didn’t pick it back up. I will say the visuals are SOOOO much better on PC. Holy crap were they bad on the PS4

  • Peter Hansen

    VR SLI would be great for such a game. Time to support NVidia VR Works, I’d say.