Driving the Future of Innovation, Down the Road to PS4 Virtual Reality?

sony-hmz-t1-5Join Ben Lang as he reports live from Sony’s GDC 2014 presentation, enticingly named ‘ Driving the Future of Innovation’. Anticipation is incredibly high for this event. Will Sony use the occasion to announce their widely rumoured PS4 VR Headset? If so, how will it compare with Oculus’ hardware? So many questions, most if which we hope will be answered during the event.

No need to refresh the page – Ben’s posts should update automatically. Set your alarms and be back here at 5:45 PDT (0:45 GMT), you won’t want to miss this one! While you wait – what do you think Sony are planning to show? Drop your comments below.


  1. The only thing I found really interesting was their sound recording studio for binaural sound. Binaural is awesome, but gets locked with the listener head position. BUT, if you capture the sounds in that sort of “The Matrix” array of Sound Speakers, emitting the sounds and recording them specifically for each angle of the head .. (recording of course with the usual set of 2 mics and a head proxy in the middle), whenever the player turns his/her head, the code would trigger the sound comming from the correct speakers, thus making it sound locked in 3D space, not to the players head. More speakers, more the users won’t feel the passing from one speaker to the other. Clever but costly…. not for indies like me :( .

    • And to make it REALLY work, it could not be just speakers mounted at a fixed distance… There would have to be a kind of sphere of speakers, in different distances from the recorders, so we can get the true power of Binaural… that is, feel the true DISTANCE of sound – not only the Sound Panning – speakers mounted from far away to the very back of our ears (which in horror games could be totally terrifying).

  2. So the cat is out of the bag! Is that how you say it? Just read up on all this :) I was asleep while it happened, but reading a live blog is almost like experiencing it live! Really looking forward to reading hands-on the next few days, did you secure a ticket for it? And for tonight… Oculus, lets see what they have cooking.

    So they have a new prototype using a single screen around 2012, seems like Oculus might have triggered some R&D with their Kickstarter, or perhaps already from when Carmack showed it off at E3…

    I have been thinking of how much access competitors have had to Oculus gear, I mean, it was not hard to get your hands on a DK1 and pick it apart. No ninjas required! In comparison Sony has been very restrictive with access to their stuff, as it seems. Reminds me of the podcast with Kevin Williams, about how he would do it! (hello!) I think I remembered that correctly, haha.

    • Oculus are naive kids in that regard. Well-natured idealists that will be exploited by soulless corporations like Sony. Sony will steal their tech and monetize and patent it.

      Bye bye, Oculus.