19bits-sonyvr-tmagArticleJoin Ben Lang as he presents yet another GDC 2014 Live Blog, this time from Sony’s talk on creating ‘Unique Interactive Experiences’ on the Playstation 4. We’re expecting some talk their VR Headset project, ‘Project Morpheus’ announced yesterday as well as a mix of other input devices and how best to develop for them.

Ben’s posts will update automatically, no need to refresh this page. Talk kicks off at 12:30pm PDT.

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  • Mageoftheyear

    “Long time no see.” – lol. Give your poor fingers a break for a few seconds Ben ;)

  • Andreas Aronsson

    Wow, so many awesome community features with the streaming stuff! I love the interactivity between the audience and the game, nutty! Who would ever thing stuff like this would happen back in the days of hyper closed and offline consoles? I’ve been into consoles since the NES, holy crap time!

    All this in conjunction with the option of VR seems really funny :P If not horror, imagine someone doing adventure, and people vote a big monster to spawn, haha. Or for the weather in a racing game turn to a rainstorm! xD

    I’m kind of interested in the playstation camera… it would be so awesome if it didn’t have a proprietary plug, would have loved to use it as a 3D webcam. Shock-brain-realization, perhaps it can also be used as a telepresence device between PS4 consoles? That would be super neato-cake-pie-fabolous! I don’t even own a PS4, but as you said… Sony are doing a good job here.

  • EdZ

    “”Viewer comments can contain specal “commands” that can be intercepted and acted upon. Game can set up to 5 command keywords that will appear as button in USTREAM.””

    So after Twitch Plays Pokemon, you can have Ustream Plays PS4!