A bundle of nine VR indie games is coming soon to the PlayStation VR which includes Dreadhalls, a popular horror title for Gear VR and Oculus Rift. HeroCade takes a novel approach to the bundle’s presentation, combining all the games with a ‘metaverse quest’.

Undoubtedly the most-recognisable title in the HeroCade bundle, Dreadhalls is a first-person horror title has been terrifying gamers since its reveal in 2013, and is currently available for Gear VR and Oculus Rift, and now coming to PSVR via HeroCade. Developers White Door Games provided an update for Oculus Touch recently; the game now supports tracked controllers, so you can expect to see a similar system available for Sony’s Move controllers in the PSVR version.

herocade psvr (2)Sisters, a game available for free on Gear VR and Cardboard, is a very short but chilling horror experience that reacts to head movement. Otherworld Interactive is due to bring the game to the HTC Vive, and the demo on Steam is a completely different, higher-fidelity experience with the same theme. Another game, Sisters: Faye & Elsa also launched on Daydream VR, which is completely different again; a longer experience that incorporates some puzzle-solving. Going by the footage seen of HeroCade so far, the PSVR version of Sisters appears to be the full version of the Vive demo.

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herocade psvr (3)The other seven titles included in the bundle are from HeroCade developers Lucid Sight themselves; Jurassic Survival, 405 Road Rage, Zombie Strike, PolyRunner VR, Alpha Turkey Hunt, Space Bit Attack and Gumi No Yumi. Six are previous projects, and free on Gear VR, aside from Space Bit Attack which is available for Vive, Rift and OSVR. Arguably the most interesting title here is Jurassic Survival, a dinosaur-themed endless shooter exclusive to HeroCade.

herocade psvr (5)

But the most novel aspect of HeroCade is the way the nine games are presented; Lucid Sight challenged themselves to add some cohesion to the bundle, building an ‘epic metaverse quest’ that involves mastering all nine titles, providing users “a new world to explore, objectives to conquer, and a mystery to unravel.” Expected to be priced around $15, the content alone seems to offer fair value, and the meta-game on top adds an extra slice of intrigue.

Expected to launch soon, the trailer HeroCade trailer recently popped up on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

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