Already known primarily for their endeavours in augmented virtual reality headsets, Sulon now look to have partnered with GPU manufacturer AMD to produce what they call “the world’s first and only all-in-one, tether-free, “wear and play” headset for VR, AR and spatial computing.”

In what looks like a leaked news release, a video of a hardware collaboration between augmented reality headset specialists Sulon and GPU firm AMD has been released onto AMD’s YouTube channel.

The video introduced the Sulon Q, a new headset that claims to provide both virtual and augmented reality immersive experiences with no wires. The untethered headset offers a 2560×1440 OLED display driven by AMD’s recently launched AMD FX-8800P processor. Along with Radeon R7 Graphics, the promotional material claims “console quality” gaming.

The unit offers up a claimed 110 degree field of view, provides gesture based interaction and offers what they’re calling a “wear and play” experience, one unencumbered by minimum specs and costly extra hardware – according to Sulon.

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The Sulon Q looks to house dual, front-facing cameras that are likely used for the ‘spatially aware’ tracking and of course pass-through video for augmented reality experiences.

The whole system apparently runs on Windows 10 and utilises Microsoft’s Holographic APIs to deliver immersive application and games, just as Microsoft’s own HoloLens does.

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