Already known primarily for their endeavours in augmented virtual reality headsets, Sulon now look to have partnered with GPU manufacturer AMD to produce what they call “the world’s first and only all-in-one, tether-free, “wear and play” headset for VR, AR and spatial computing.”

In what looks like a leaked news release, a video of a hardware collaboration between augmented reality headset specialists Sulon and GPU firm AMD has been released onto AMD’s YouTube channel.

The video introduced the Sulon Q, a new headset that claims to provide both virtual and augmented reality immersive experiences with no wires. The untethered headset offers a 2560×1440 OLED display driven by AMD’s recently launched AMD FX-8800P processor. Along with Radeon R7 Graphics, the promotional material claims “console quality” gaming.

The unit offers up a claimed 110 degree field of view, provides gesture based interaction and offers what they’re calling a “wear and play” experience, one unencumbered by minimum specs and costly extra hardware – according to Sulon.

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The Sulon Q looks to house dual, front-facing cameras that are likely used for the ‘spatially aware’ tracking and of course pass-through video for augmented reality experiences.

The whole system apparently runs on Windows 10 and utilises Microsoft’s Holographic APIs to deliver immersive application and games, just as Microsoft’s own HoloLens does.

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  • Guillaume

    I always have mixed feelings about new headsets. Usually, competition is good for consumer since it brings prices of products down but in this case, there is so different standards, platform and technologies, its going to be harder and harder for software company to focus their efforts to support all their customers.

    Right now it seems to have more upcomming HMDs than VR content and its not hard to see why.

    • Jim Cherry

      its like the san Francisco gold rush ;} seriously though atleast we know there is value in the market other wise companies would be dropping out not jumping in.

      • realtrisk

        It’s just that we haven’t reached that point yet. There aren’t even any HMDs on the market yet, how can they be dropping out already? Give it a year, and stuff like this will be a footnote of poor planning and lack of marketing.

        • Not with how much money company’s putting into it, attention and immersiveness of them. More attention, money than any other failed product and cheaper than most.

          Remember how many consoles there were in the 90s

      • Remember how many consoles there were in the 90s

  • Peter

    “Sulon Q”… really?

    Its already doomed just by its name.

    • Steve Biegun

      Well that was quick.

  • George Vieira IV

    Seems too soon to have a fully integrated device like this. Power, battery and weight seem like they will still be issues. Now if this type of thing came out in a couple years, it would make sense, since older, lower spec’d games would be more plentiful. For now it seems like it will have very limited content.

    • realtrisk

      Yeah. This reeks of fail. No hype, no building excitement for over a year like the big three, no demos of exclusive titles and features, just “Boom!” Here it is. Pull the other one.

    • Richard Valone

      Well, running on Microsoft, so could they be able to use the Xbox games, could be one great invention seamless integration, We will see SOON, CAN’T doubt anything these days,

  • gnagyusa .

    You lost me at Windows…

    • brandon9271

      It’s x86 so it should run Linux or SteamOS too.. Maybe not officially but it could be persuaded :)

      • Nico

        Yeah, because Linux has holographic API’s built in. Right ?

        • brandon9271

          Maybe SteamOs and OpenVR? Who knows. I have no problem with Windows. Why would anybody want a Linux VR HMD when 99% of apps/games are on Windows?

          • Frost Burn

            Yeah, I don’t see Valve not implementing VR into Steam OS seeing as they’ve partnered with HTC for the vive and what not

          • brandon9271

            Valve isn’t in the hardware business. They want to sell software. That’s why they support OpenVR. They want to broaden the market. SteamVR supports the Rift, OSVR and plans to support all HMDs. Valve has said as much.

          • Frost Burn

            I know they’re not really a hardware company, but that doesnt change they were partnered with HTC on the vive, Im not saying they’re excluding others, my point is if they’re collaborating, or even just endorsing a product like that, it’s unlikely that they wouldn’t support it natively on their OS

          • brandon9271

            Oh, i misunderstood you. Yes, Steam VR does natively support the Vive. They want to support our HMDs too but to want extent they will i don’t know. Obviously Vive will be their focus since they have a financial incentive :)

          • Indeed

            Probably gonna use Wine, but Windows 10 with all those tracking on the sensor can be nasty. If possible, a VM pass-through for Video card would be nice, as I have licensed Windows OS in VMs.

  • mellott124

    Were any of their previous versions actually available for purchase? I thought these guys disappeared.

  • Nelson Tutorials

    It will be ready for launch in late spring, cool.

    Details here:

  • sntxrrr

    95% of that video was “blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla”

    • Rob B

      I know. I imagined someone slapping the same soundtrack onto a video of a slowly rotating can-opener or an equally mundane invention.

  • brandon9271

    AMD would’ve been better off just selling a backpack computer to use with the Rift or Vive

  • Jim Cherry

    I wonder if this device will be more consumer priced than the hololens.

  • Bob Gettis

    not done at all yet obviously, but a pretty interesting concept. Looks a lot like googles project tango phone in wearable form

  • No info about the refresh rate ?

    • Frost Burn

      It’s at 90Hz apparently