Thanks to Steam’s hardware agnostic approach, it’s become the defacto repository of all things PC VR (excluding Oculus exclusives, of course). Every major PC VR headset is supported through the SteamVR platform, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Pimax, and Windows VR headsets; not to mention Oculus Quest, which thanks to Oculus Link lets you play PC VR games from the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport.

So you may be wondering, what are the best VR games for SteamVR headsets that came out this year? You may find a couple repeats from our 10 Best Rift Games of 2019, but there’s still plenty of top-scoring games to dig into here. Now, in no particular order, our top 10 best games for SteamVR headsets.

Note: Below you’ll find links pointing to Steam and Viveport, as the latter also offers support for many of the major VR headsets.

The 10 Best SteamVR Games of 2019


Funktronic Labs describes Fujii as “magical, musical hike through lush, chromatic VR wilderness,” and even though this little escape from the daily grind is more of a chill gardening sim than your standard game, it’s one of those games that will have you coming back, even if you’re not sure why.

Fujii on Steam Fujii on Viveport

Road to VR’s Ben Lang calls Fujii’s lack of instructions “a testament to the intuitive VR game design skills of developer Funktronic Labs,” noting that players learn to interact with the world almost exclusively by doing, exploring, and testing the limits of the world in way that makes it a truly unique and personal experience. Check out why we gave Fujii an [8/10] in our review.

Pistol Whip

It feels like Cloudhead Games took a slice of Beat Saber (2018), a little dusting of Smash Hit (2015), a few shards of SUPERHOT VR (2017) and mixed it all together to create Pistol Whip, a VR rhythm shooter that engages your body in a very unique and compelling way.

Pistol Whip on Steam

You’re constantly moving forward through a levels where enemies appear and shoot at you, and it’s your job to not only return fire, but dodge incoming bullets too. Flow state is the name of the game here (ok, it’s Pistol Whip, but you know what I mean), and although we are still technically waiting for more music to fill out its 10-song library, it’s a game you’ll be able to pick up easily but have a hard time mastering. Check out our preview to learn more about why we like it so much.


VR and music clearly go great together, so Guitar Hero series creator Harmonix released Audica to tickle our brains, a rhythm shooter that’s attempted to tap into the success of Beat Saber by tossing a little bit of Space Pirate Simulator in there for good measure; here you’ll need to focus on timing, accuracy, and hitting those shot combos.

AUDICA on Steam AUDICA on Viveport

It got off to somewhat of a rocky start during its Early Access period, but Harmonix has managed to refine it for its full release, garnering it a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam and a full [5/5] on Viveport.

Until You Fall (Early Access)

Until You Fall arrives to us from Schell Games, the studio behind the super successful VR puzzler I Expect You to Die (2017), making this hack-and-slash melee adventure a bit out of left field for the studio.

Until You Fall on Steam

Nonetheless, it offers up what Road to VR’s Ben Lang calls “a surprisingly rich combat experience which successfully fuses meta-game elements in a way that no other VR title has yet managed.” It’s still in Early Access, so we haven’t given it a score in our EA review; if we had to, it would certainly be high up there.

Trover Saves the Universe

Justin Roiland has creatures living in his brain, and his head will explode if they don’t come out. Anyway, that’s at least some explanation for the co-creator of Rick and Morty creating this ludicrous 3D platformer for VR and flatscreens. Trover Saves the Universe uses gamepad, but we don’t hold that against it.

Trover on Steam

Although we haven’t officially reviewed Trover Saves the Universe, it’s a remarkably fun game that definitely justifies its crude humor with solid gameplay, as it’s currently sporting an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ user rating on Steam.

No Man’s Sky (New VR Support)

With No Man’s Sky (2016), Hello Games has gone the full hero’s journey. With one of the biggest hype cycles for an indie studio to weather, the worst releases in video game history, and nary a sign of a light at the end of the tunnel, No Man’s Sky easily could have slunk away into the darkness, never to be heard from again. Instead, Hello Games persevered and ardently improved No Man’s Sky, eventually even adding VR support with its free ‘Beyond’ update.

No Man’s Sky on Steam

Its VR support didn’t exactly wow us when it first released; Road to VR contributor Gabriel Moss called it “a wonderful, deeply flawed space odyssey,” giving it a still pretty respectable [7.5/10]. Quality of life updates have gone a long way of keeping us coming back for more since it first launched though—Bethesda could learn from.

Vacation Simulator

Job Simulator (2016) wasn’t an easy act to follow, considering it was likely people’s first VR experience when it arrived as a launch title on basically all VR headsets. No fear though, because the owls at Owlchemy Labs hashed out a slightly new direction with its more relaxed little bro, Vacation Simulator, which includes a story line, a more open environment and a ton of vacation-style activities to explore and play.

Vacation Sim on Steam

Some fans of the original may not exactly gel with the new direction Vacation Simulator takes, but we’re willing to bet many people will have a blast going through the gads of activities. Anyway, we did, which is why we gave it a resounding [8.8] in our review.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds in VR? Pffft. That sounds lame! But no! It’s actually really fun, and not at all a diseased microtransaction-riddled mess like its mobile forbears have become. Here, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs actually hits on some seriously fun gameplay by letting you not only knock down complex creations overrun by evil little piggies, but now you can even make your own block fortresses in creative mode.

Angry Birds VR on Steam Angry Birds VR on Viveport

Angry Birds just works in VR thanks to an intuitive shooting mechanic and a good mix of difficulty levels, which were big factors in why we gave it a [8.5/10] in our review.

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s in VR could have been a mediocre port; after all, not every developer is great at recreating their flatscreen game for VR. But that’s where Steel Wool Studios shines, as the jump-scare-tastic horror game was recreated specifically for VR headsets, which includes classic levels and original mini-games.

FNaF VR on Steam FNaF VR on Viveport

Sporting an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating on Steam, FNaF VR really taps into what makes horror games work in VR; let’s just say you’re guaranteed to get caught by a shrieking animatronic monster, so savor that quiet sense of dread you feel before the neighbors eventually come knocking due to all the screaming.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Local couch co-op isn’t dead, at least not when you have a couple of friends with smartphones and a VR headset. Resolution Games tosses one VR headset-wearing user into the game to take the mantle of a giant tree who needs to guard his golden nuts (seriously) while smartphone-clad players run in, building bridges, tunneling, setting up cover, and causing havoc as they use teamwork to steal all the nuts.

Acron on Steam

It feels like Resolution Games took a bit of a gamble with Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, and it also didn’t really get the recognition it deserved simply because it’s a multiplayer game that basically requires you to already have a room full of people willing to play video games—not an easy task after you turn 30. Although it’s only rated as ‘Positive’ on Steam, you definitely shouldn’t sleep on this awesome party game.

Don’t own a PC VR headset? We’re going through all major VR platforms and rounding up the best games from this year, so check back soon!

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  • The Bard

    Is this a joke? Crap arcade-like games. Where is Batman VR? Vader Immortal? Other titles?

    • Justin Davis

      Batman is old as hell. Vader is Oculus.

    • Mike Porter

      Well that’s all we have right now

    • namekuseijin

      I don’t mind fun arcade games. But these are mostly casual minigaming of the Farmville school

      Thank Sony for bringing and premiering NMS, Trover, FNAF and other higher caliber titles. But Isle of Pigs is pretty cool as well

  • doug

    Borderlands 2 VR! 100+ hours, all the DLC!

  • Peter Laurent

    Hopefully we can add Budget Cuts 2, Undead Citadel, and Boneworks to this list before the year is out. Also technically GORN came out of early access in July 2019, and Beat Saber in May 2019

    • johngrimoldy

      Though many deride Beat Saber, there’s no denying that it’s the closest thing to a VR Killer-App there is among the non-enthusiasts.

      If BigScreen could just incorporate Live sporting events, particularly with the ability to bring up stats and replays in floating windows, in addition to the ability to change vantage points from skybox to field level, etc… IF all of that, ‘seems to me that could be profound.

      • Ellie 187

        I don’t see how beatsaber is getting all this recognition.. I played it and wasn’t impressed at all. its guitar hero in VR .. not at all impressive

        Blade and Sorcery is a far better VR title

        Boneworks is the one I’m looking forward to this year

        • johngrimoldy

          ‘Also looking forward to Boneworks and of course HalfLife:Alyx. They’ll be far better than Beat Saber.

          My point is that Beat Saber is the one title I’ve let non-enthusiasts play that motivated them to buy VR rigs. Yeah, it *IS* Guitar Hero in VR, and not really all that impressive as VR goes. HOWEVER, you can’t argue how much it has sold.

          • Ellie 187

            I won’t deny it sold gangbusters, but I wouldn’t even pay fifty cents for it… its like those wii minigames that came out after the wii craze that ended up in the $5 bin at Walmart 3 months later

        • DanDei

          Beat Saber doesn’t try to impress, it is just pure fun. I have played hundreds of songs, filtered a playlist of about 60 perfectly mapped tracks to music I can really enjoy and all together spent over 200 hours in this game. It is rightfully at the top.

        • Maxx

          You may not like Beat Saber, and that’s fine, but it is an amazing game! You can even run mods on the Quest and use your own music.

        • namekuseijin

          psst. Don’t mess with the rhythm minigaming fanboys

  • doublefrag

    What about Hellsplit: Arena?
    Did you ever play this game?

  • M Rob

    Vanishing Realms with the new chaprters released this year really deserves a shout.

    • paul

      That’s finally out?! I guess I know what I am doing later!

  • fireaza .

    I’ve been really enjoying NMS VR, it’s scratching a similar itch to what Subnautica did. Weird performance issues though, I can’t seem to get the average FPS higher than 40, no matter what settings I change.

  • Tim

    ok if these are the best, then there is still a long way to go. totaly boring games with poor graphics and control. so far the best game is beat saber

  • Jeff

    Question: I am new to VR, yet to buy Oculus Quest, but are all the reviews I see on Youtube that look cartoonish, really cartoonish? Or do the experiences like Climb, etc. just look a lot worse on a 2D screen? VR still looks like Pong from the 80s to me. Am I off base? I mean Beat Sabre is considered a GOOD game? WTH? Or is VR mostly just for 9 year olds? Thank you so much.