Yesterday at Oculus’ pre-E3 event in San Francisco, aptly named ‘Step into the Rift’, press got a chance to not only get a peek at all the consumer-ready VR headset from the company, but also a lineup of launch titles coming to the Rift.

Generating a list of appealing games designed to attract a large swath of people to your console—or in this case VR headset—isn’t an easy task. There basically needs to be something for everyone, or as close to it you can get. But VR is a different animal from your ‘next gen’ consoles, and tried and true genres don’t always make for convincing gameplay in VR.

Oculus has announced eight titles during their ‘Step into the Rift’ event, titles they think will be the best fit for the new consumer-level VR headset.


Chronos from Gunfire Games is an adventure RPG that follows a young man in his search to unlock the secrets of an ancient labyrinth. His journey: to save his homeland from an evil dragon.

If the style looks familiar, that’s because Gunfire Games also created Herobound: Sprit Champion, the second game in the Herobound series, which is also set to launch on the consumer Oculus Rift.

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Edge of Nowhere

From the makers of Ratchet and Clank and the Spryo series comes Edge of NowhereInsomniac Games’ third-person action-adventure that has you tracing the steps of a mysteriously missing expedition gone awry in the Antarctic.

Lucky’s Tale

Revealed at last year’s E3, that we’ve actually had our hands on back in March at GDC 2015—well, the demo that is. As the company continues development, we expect to see the latest version at E3 this week, with a new trailer giving us a preview of what’s in store.

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From what we played, Lucky’s Tale certifiably embodies the same fun as platformers like Banjo Kazooie or Super Mario 64.

Other Launch Titles

Oculus offered the crowd a quick mashup video of a number of other titles coming to the Rift: VR Sports Challenge (Sanzuru), AirMechVR (Carbon Games), Damaged Core (High Voltage), and Esper (Coatsink), and Eve Valkyrie (CCP Games), all of which will be shown off at E3, according to the company.

Oculus also announced partnerships with 4A Games, Climax Studios, Glu, Harmonix, Ready At Dawn, Signal Studios, Square Enix, and Ozwe.

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  • Don Gateley

    What’s fun to think about is that at some unknown point in the not too distant future these will be considered as primitive as we now consider the games from ten to twenty years ago.

  • Darshan Gayake

    When rift was in its infancy in 2013 i was almost alone in advocating 3rd person game is excellent idea for VR on MTBS.

    Now I lough to see all 3 titles that are showcased as ‘made for rift games’ are 3rd person titles.

    Now that community which was discussing best games there is moved to other forum :p