VR Adventure ‘A Fisherman’s Tale’ Gets January Launch Date, New 360° Trailer Here


Vertigo Games, Innerspace and ARTE today announced that their upcoming VR puzzle adventure A Fisherman’s Tale is headed to all major VR headsets next month.

Update (December 14th, 2018): A Fisherman’s Tale now has an official launch date: January 22nd, 2019. To celebrate, the studios have published a new 360 degree trailer that lets you see some of the story, and set pieces that play host to the game’s mind-bending puzzles.

We went hands-on with A Fisherman’s Tale at Gamescom this year and came away pretty impressed. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from the studios’ charming VR puzzler:

A Fisherman’s Tale tosses you into the rubber boots of an ex-fisherman named Bob. A large storm is brewing, and it’s up to you make it to the top of the lighthouse and turn on the light, solving perspective shifting room-scale puzzles along the way.

The game uses an extremely interesting mechanic that the creators call ‘single player co-op’ which lets you hand key puzzle pieces to a miniature version of yourself in a dollhouse-size copy of the room. Look up, and you’ll see a giant version of yourself (as Bob), and look down and you’ll see a tiny Bob working away in sync with your movements.

The game is slated to support PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and Windows VR when it launches in January. It will be priced at $15/€15.

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  • R3ST4RT

    Wow, this looks quite good! And for 15 bucks, that’s quite a reasonable price.


    honestly it looks like crap. I love fishing but WTF is this r eally. Call it the light house not A Fishermans Tail. ITs a lighthouse tale lol

    • jj

      wow you seem overly dramatic over a name related to fishing… you love fishing so much that you have to shitpost about this game having fisherman in its tight without any fish? get a life

      • Fish

        And why the hell would I want what you call a life? You can only dream of a life like mine. You are clueless. I have many employees just like you.
        And if you don’t like my opinion, I really don’t care, yours is just a childish attack because you feel worthless in life. Why Blame me, you made the life you have all by yourself.
        It’s a lighthouse tale get over my opinion because you feel inadequate. Not my fault or anyone else’s here.

        • jj

          lol when i said overly dramatic that wasn’t a challenge to top yourself…..

          And by me saying get a life you instantly somehow know everything about me don’t you?

          Also if you think I’m so clueless, yet you employ many employees like me, then whatever business you run must be complete shit. I mean that’s just basic logic that you perfectly presented to everyone on here with what you said.

          you sure do type a whole lot for not really caring about my opinion, which is funny because from what you said people should “get over my opinion” when you can’t seem to get over other peoples opinions if they don’t agree with you.

          Basically i’m just voicing my extremely obvious and basic observations, which leads to enjoying your over dramatic reactions, keep um up!

      • jj

        if you wanna bitch about a misguided title go at the pimax “8k” for their BS quotation marks on something that isnt really 8k.

  • PJ

    This looks great, im in!

  • It looks interesting for a puzzle room, but isn’t the trailer spoiling quite a bit of it?