At GDC 2015, Valve and HTC are demo’ing their new virtual reality system which utilises a laser-based tracking system. We’ve got high-res images of those base stations for you now.

GDC is exploding with VR news, and as ever with new product launched, finding your way past the PR fluff looking for solid technical information can be tricky. Luckily, Valve and hardware partner HTC are being generally very open on this front, even going so far as to exhibit a mini-museum of Valve’s R&D work that lead to the HTC Vive developer edition as unveiled at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday.

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Here’s a look at and inside units which are close to those which developers signing up to HTC and Valve’s developer program will receive sometime around Spring this year.

The tracking system seems to be versatile as it can be applied, in theory, to any object within range of the base stations. For this reason, Valve decided to develop special VR controllers, sporting the same sensors found on the Vive headset itself.

We’ve gone ‘hands on’ with the new Steam VR headset and controllers and will be bringing you our impressions very soon. In the mean time, we thought these images would be of interest to our readers, so here they are in all their glory.

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