At HTC’s ‘Utopia’ event at the Mobile World Conference, the company just announced a partnership with gaming giant Valve, seemingly including the production of a new VR headset. We’re gathering info, but it seems the unit which comprises ’70 sensors’ can provide 360 degree positional tracking, it looks to include inside out tracking.


Featuring “the highest quality graphics”, the unit features a 90Hz refresh rate. No details on resolution as yet. Interestingly, the company is also promising a pair of wireless motion controllers designed to be used with the headset.

Here’s all our coverage of this new headset so far:

Unsurprisingly, the headset forms part of Valve’s new SteamVR platform, based around Steambox hardware – systems designed to bring high quality PC gaming to the living room. We’re due to find out much more about Valve’s plans for VR at GDC next week.

HTC also announced its lineup of partners which include Cloudhead Games, Owchemy Labs, Wemo Labs and Bossa Studios – all presumably working on VR experiences for the Vive.


This story is breaking, we’ll add more details as we get them.


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  • mellott124

    Awesome! There is really going to be some nice VR gear this year and next. It’s good to see the competition.

  • Pessimistic observer

    Theverge has the resolution listed as 2x 1280×1080. This would mean the two screens combined have the 21:9 aspect ratio that’s become common for curved screen monitors.

  • Curtrock

    This claims to be able to give you a “walk-around” VR experience, as opposed to Oculus’ “seated” VR. Great, but how are u gonna walk around, while tethered to a PC? How are u not gonna trip over the coffee table? Will u need an empty room to implement this “walk-around”. Valve is a powerhouse, and this does seem to be the 1st viable competitor with Oculus….. U have my attention, Valve.

  • Peteo

    There is post on reddit that says the 2 base stations project invisible tags around the room that the headset tracts to figure out where it is in the room. Very similar to the way Vales VR room worked.

  • zombieapoc01

    I’m so excited!