‘Ace Combat 7’ Trailer Offers a Fresh Glimpse of the Game’s PSVR Mode

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While the game’s main campaign won’t be playable on PSVR, a new trailer gives us a fresh glimpse of what Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown’s Playstation VR mode will look like.

Ace Combat is a long-running franchise of jet combat games published by Bandai Namco. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, announced way back in 2015, won’t launch until some time in 2018, but it’s the first title in the franchise to offer VR support. Unfortunately, as we learned earlier this year, the game’s main campaign won’t be playable with PSVR, but there will be a separate PSVR mode said to offer “several hours of VR gameplay.”

A new trailer for the game (above) shows what the PSVR mode will look like, including multiple camera views for aircraft carrier takeoff sequences, and a fully realized cockpit mode where players will engage air and ground targets. The scope of the PlayStation VR mode for Ace Combat 7 isn’t clear just yet, but we’re hoping that some multiplayer combat will be possible in VR.

Image courtesy Bandai Namco

Interested to know how the game plays in VR? Check out our hands-on with Ace Combat 7’s PSVR mode earlier this year.

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    • Evgeni Zharsky

      Oops, too late

  • Robert Cummings

    No campaign? Boo. And I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about multiplayer.

  • Raphael

    dear psvr owners… This game gives you a little bit of vr and the rest you must play in tiny 2d rectangle mode. At least we made a little effort to support vr so dunt hate us.

  • A fenek

    No campaign in VR mode is so disappointing! I thought with RE7’s VR mode popularity in Japan and elsewhere Namco would’ve taken this opportunity to attract new people to their otherwise stale Ace Combat series – this game is really perfect for VR. I don’t even see what’s so hard about converting the whole thing to VR mode – just play the cutscenes in a fixed screen and have the levels in VR. Missed opportunity for sure!