Carbon Games, the studio behind real-time strategy game AirMech Command (2016), is currently developing a new VR project that they say will be a lighthearted, team-based game.

Carbon announced the game in an Oculus Developer video which highlights some of the talent behind the company’s growing library of games, and their recent move into a larger office with dedicated spaces for VR testing.

There’s only a few details for now, but the studio maintains the game will be another strategy-based game, and will be both lighthearted and focus on team-based action.

Studio co-founder James Green says the code name ‘Cake’ is in direct reference to Fat Princess (2009)a third-person RTS that gives each team a princess that they must protect by feeding so she’s too large to be carried away.


Looking at the short clip in the video, it’s clear ‘Cake’ is borrowing a lot from Fat Princess, including the visual style, various combat classes, and the game’s focus on large player numbers

“It’s a class-based, team-based game that’s kind of lighthearted but has real depth. Strategy is involved. It’s just something we’ve always wanted to do after AirMech,” Green explained.

Healthy dose of speculation here: like AirMech Command, Project ‘Cake’ looks very much like a gamepad-style affair. According to the video, it appears to feature high player numbers, so Carbon may be looking to extend their reach by offering the game as a cross-platform title supporting a wide class of devices such as Oculus Rift, Go, and even the upcoming Oculus Quest.

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  • Raphael

    Nop. Too cutesy for me.

  • RJH

    Everyone likes cake. :-)

  • Dan Lokemoen

    Fat Princess was a wonderful game.

  • Holy in the house

    “Borrowing a lot from Fat Princess”. Chibi has been done loads of times before. This is as weak as when other writers say “The Dark Souls of X”.

  • The cake is a lie
    The cake is a lie
    The cake is a lie