Thought playing the unofficial Fall Guys remake in VR was fun? Now you can sample some of the traitorous mayhem in the hit social game Among Us (2018) in VR too—and it’s strangely more fun than the original in a few ways.

If you’ve never played Among Us, here’s the jist: it’s an online social party game that puts you and up to 10 players on a space station. Among you is a single imposter who kills crewmates and causes all sorts of havoc as the regular crew goes about completing tasks aboard the ship. Crew members can call emergency meetings, and vote for a suspected imposter, who is then summarily executed by airlock ejection.

Just like in the unofficial Fall Guys remake, someone used Rec Room’s room-creation tools to basically recreate Among Us, and it’s really surprising how well the social game works in VR.

YouTuber ‘HairyManLegs’ captured a few rounds, showing off just how cool the game is in VR, replete with face-to-face emergency meetings, interactive tasks designed for VR, and physically stabbing other crew members as the imposter. The full video is definitely worth a watch as a primer for the fun:

Granted, the VR remake is missing out on a few of the things that make the official 2D game truly great—the silly cartoon deaths, fun outfits, and gameplay elements like a reduced field of view when the lights are off, which adds a serious element of surprise when there’s someone lurking in the dark, just waiting to trap you in a room to kill you.

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The VR version certainly isn’t perfect, as you’ll have to assemble a crew of players with basically whoever’s around at the moment, which even on the bustling Rec Room platform can be difficult, making it less of a casual drop-in game and more of an activity you have to plan. When the stars align though and you can get a good number of players, be it friends or friendly randos, it really shows that Among Us would make a pretty awesome VR game if the creators, Innersloth, were so inclined to bring it to VR.

If you want to play the Among Us recreation, head over to Rec Room (available on SteamVR, Oculus Quest, and PSVR) and search for ‘Among Us RR’ in the community rooms section.

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    Is this game TTT?

    • Anon

      Pretty much, but with voting instead of shooting back

  • Planta

    That map is disgusting

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  • Logan Dizon

    how did you make that game it’s super good but I think the map is a little weird

  • Logan Dizon

    I’d like to vote all of you off

  • Barrel

    Whats the game code?

  • Coolguy

    How do you get in to the game