When you’re not playing with Oculus Quest 2, chances are it’s plopped on a desk and connected to a charging cable. Now, China-based electronics manufacturer Anker just launched a new charging dock that aims to take the fuss out of topping up the batteries on your Oculus Quest 2 headset and Touch controllers.

The charging dock launched today available from AmazonAnkerOculus, and for $87. At the time of this writing, it appears the first shipment of docks has already gone out of stock. Pre-orders on Anker and Oculus can be found with January 22nd shipping.

Image courtesy Anker Innovations

The dock includes two 1800mAH alkaline rechargeable batteries for use in both Touch controllers. After inserting the rechargeable batteries and swapping out the battery covers, simply pop the Touch controllers into the left and right sides of the dock to start charging.

Not only providing a place for Quest 2 to rest when not in use, the dock also integrates magnetic USB-C connector snaps, so the headset itself can charge as soon as it’s nestled in. A full charge is said to take 2.5 hours for both controllers and headset.

Dock Specifications:

  • USB-C Input: 5.0V/9.0V DC
  • Magnetic USB-C Output: 5.0V/3.0A, 9.0V/2.0A
  • Controller Charging Ports: 1.8V/0.9A × 2
  • Rechargeable Batteries for Touch controllers: 1.2V/1800mAh × 2
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If you’re looking for a quick solution in the meantime (and maybe some cheapish stocking stuffers), definitely grab some rechargeable AA batteries and battery charger for your Quest 2 controllers: you’ll always use them whether you have the dock or not.

As for headset charging, you can also buy a set of USB-C magnetic cables on Amazon for as little as $13, which will equally work with all of your USB-C mobile devices. Although these solutions are less convenient than an all-in-one dock, it should remove some of the friction of charging your kit and jumping into VR for hours of fun.

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  • Amni3D

    This looks sick. IIRC, a very similar product existed for the Quest 1 but was manufactured in a very limited time frame, then just kind of disappeared.

    Although I do feel that continuously upgrading the Quest can up the price point *fast*, to the point where it just becomes the price of a PC HMD. I want good integrated audio! I want rechargeables! I want a Quest Link! I want a better head strap! A better facial interface!

  • Gerald Terveen

    I really like it, especially how neat it looks when not in use. But they need to include an adapter for the magnetic connector for a Link cable, otherwise I see too much friction to consider spending that much money on an essentially cosmetic item.

    • mrking_bob

      Sadly an adapter for the link cable wouldn’t work because those magnetic charging cables act similarly to the barrel chargers on laptops, they can input power but cant exchange data.

      • Gerald Terveen

        but is this an unsolvable problem?

  • TechPassion

    Looks too heavy. Should be more compact in height

  • shadow9d9

    Does it work with the elite strap and battery?

    • NullReference

      ^ this really needs to be answered. Also third party halo straps.

    • Austneal

      It does not. If you look at the pictures, there is a little magnetic insert that stays plugged into the side of the headset itself. When you set the headset into the dock, the plug on the dock attaches to that magnetic insert. Since the Elite Battery Strap uses this plug, the dock will not work with it.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    The biggest issue is any user worth their salt should be using “knuckles” type touch grips which would then block using the controllers charging with this. Better to just use a couple sets of rechargeables and the grips than no grips and this. Not like one has to recharge the controllers often as the batteries seem to last 40+ hours.

    • Suitch

      “Worth their salt” is such a stupid phrase to use for controller preference. I have a Valve Index and Quest 2 and I had “knuckles” straps for the touch controllers, but they suck. The touch controllers are better naked.

  • Very interesting gadget, especially for charing the batteries of the controllers without many issues

    • TechPassion

      You work there?

  • gueshkiller

    This charging dock can be very interesting if you have your quest 2 totally “naked” , I mean most of people have done so much modification on their headset….
    Even the elite strap is not compatible with this …
    And for the controllers is the same problem, many of people use knuckles, and then this make this product totally uninteresting i’m sorry but, 87 dollars for this , no thanks ….

  • Hail28

    Why not make it the quest is covered to keep it dust free while charging?

  • Dick Massive

    The best place you can put your Quest 2, is in the bin.

  • Arno van Wingerde

    Hm a solution looking for a problem… I use a magnetic USB cable for the headset, plus 48 Amazon basic batteries for the controllers. Each batterie lasts for months, even playing hours per day, the batteries likely last longer then the headset…