Within 24 hours of Vision Pro pre-orders starting earlier this month, home delivery dates were pushed back from launch day into March. But curiously, orders for in-store pickups are still available within a week of launch day at many stores.

Apple Vision Pro pre-orders opened on January 19th, and many woke up bright and early to get into the pre-order line. Those who were quick to the draw secured a home delivery date of February 2nd—the headset’s official launch date. But it wasn’t long before delivery estimates started to drift.

First it was back into mid-to-late February, then all the way into March. Based on a sampling of Apple stores across the US, home delivery pre-orders are currently expected between March 4–11—more than a month after launch day. This is the case for all three storage sizes of the headset.

But curiously, in-store pickup orders for Vision Pro are still relatively easy to find within a few days of launch. Sampling Apple stores in the 10 most populous cities in the US shows that most still have at least some in-store pickup availability.

However, this isn’t the case everywhere. In places like New York City, Philadelphia, and San Jose, the headsets are completely unavailable for pickup at any nearby stores.

The furthest date we’ve seen for in-store pickup availability is February 5th, which suggests that Apple isn’t taking orders for any pickups beyond February 5th. Perhaps that’s because the company can’t guarantee the pickup date until it knows when more headsets will be delivered.

It’s interesting that in-store orders remain even while delivery orders are backordered into March. It may be that Apple guaranteed each store a certain number of headsets, while reserving some portion of its inventory for delivery orders only. But this makes it particularly hard to judge the full scope of demand.

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With Vision Pro launch day quickly approaching we’ll soon have a better idea of how many headsets are actually landing in people’s hands, and how long until stock gets substantially refreshed.

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  • Christian Schildwaechter

    Local availability is quite astonishing. Forbes reported on Jan 19, 12pm EST that every single location they tried reported “There’s no availability within your location. Please try another search.”, about 10h after pre-orders opened, as did others.

    I’m wondering if there is a connection between a lack of demand on ebay and people canceling their pickup orders, because they no longer expect to be able to sell the AVP at a higher price. Since Apple apparently will get new AVP soon, with new online orders still full filled by March. Without very long waiting times, there is no incentive to pay the huge markup on ebay.

    I don’t know how representative the list above showing stores with available stock is, but they are all within a rather small radius around Los Angeles. So if some wannabe scammer(s) managed to reserve a lot of AVP to be picked up within driving distance, and then canceled all these due to not being able to sell them at high profit, it would explain how several Apple stores in California seem to suddenly have stock available again for launch. LA isn’t exactly a place lacking people with enough money to afford an AVP, so it seems unlikely that regular customers all of a sudden en masse decided to cancel and first wait for reviews instead only there.

  • ShaneMcGrath

    Typical corporate BS these days many companies use, They make a small amount and pretend that there is so much demand that it is sold out and out of stock everywhere to try and get consumers hyped up about it.
    My guess is 1/3 of all their AVP units sold were to scalpers, Not many people have the disposable income at the moment to spend that much on a VR headset that is so limited, Better off buying a Quest 3 for 1/5 of the price.

    • Christian Schildwaechter

      Road to VR reported 1200 AVP ebay listings two days ago, with 60K-80K AVP available for launch. So only 1.5%-2% of the pre-orders ended up on ebay. That of course doesn’t prove that your theory of 1/3rd sold to scammers is wrong. And maybe one reason why online orders haven’t slipped further into the future is that a lot of scalpers are now canceling, because at the moment there are apparently not many people with enough disposable income willing to pay 50% extra on ebay. Or maybe people can just do the math and don’t buy from scalpers.

      And if you pay 1/3rd of the price of AVP for a Quest 3, you are getting scammed by a scalper yourself. The 128GB config costs 1/7th of the 256GB AVP, the 512GB config 1/6th of the 1TB AVP. So buying a Quest 3 should be a lot cheaper, and also make a lot more sense if you care about gaming. The issue is of course that you’d end up with a Quest 3, which is not at all the same as an AVP.

  • Dragon Marble

    This also calls into question Ming-Chi Kuo’s estimate that 160K-180K AVPs have been sold. As a supply-chain analyst, he probably has accurate information about AVP’s production capacity. That makes it easy to combine it with the latest delivery date and come up with sales estimates — if you assume that all the units are sold online. But that is not the case. Apple also want to sell them instore — and may even prefer that way given how much care they have put into the in-person demos. Without knowing the ratio between online and instore allocations, you can’t calculate sales numbers based on supply-chain intelligence alone.

    • Christian Schildwaechter

      Right after AVP was presented, Sony’s display production limits were reported as only 250K displays/125K AVP up to launch, and 900K for 450K AVP in all of 2024. Sony refused to extend their production facility, probably due to very limited demand for USD 350 per eye displays, with even Apple picking cheaper display manufacturers for the follow-up.

      AVP numbers limited by display production allow making total sales estimates. All displays needed on launch had to be ready by the end of 2023, so 450K for 2024 means ~37.5K new AVP/month. Assuming ~60 days from display production to build, test, package, ship and sell the HMD, 80K AVP on launch plus 45K from extra displays still produced in 2023 plus 37.5K from Sony’s January production makes 162.5K available by the now late March delivery date, close to supply chain estimates.

      And you’re probably very right about Apple preferring to sell AVP in stores. They go through a lot of trouble to ensure a “proper” experience. Instead of inserts being just an option, those pre-ordering had to confirm they don’t wear glasses. Users can’t replace the finely tuned environments (with little animations and clouds reflecting movie colors) with their own panoramic images, and every time someone uses AVP in guest mode, they have to run the full (90sec) setup to ensure the best fit. Apple doesn’t want inexperienced users “mishandling” AVP to cause bad reviews.

      • Dragon Marble

        That’s my point. The 160K may be close to the number of units Apple will have produced by late March, which is different from number of units sold today. They may have reserved many units for instore purchase. Assuming the instore stock also sell out as soon as they arrive, the sales will reach 160K in two months.

    • MeowMix

      the same analyst also estimated ~7Million Quest3 would be sold during the holiday season; their numbers are highly suspect …

  • Naruto Uzumaki

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    Tell me you’re not part of the Cult while being part of the cult lol

    • johnyjazz

      Did you crush Virgin or are you just a crusher that hasn’t crushed yet? I need to know!


        I crushed Virgin.. But then he blocked me lol.. So mission accomplished!