Apple’s announcement of Vision Pro is reverberating throughout the industry. Beyond just a new headset, the company’s entrance into the space introduces new ideas that are now being discussed around the tech-sphere. To dig further into what Apple Vision Pro means for the XR industry more broadly, I spoke with host Kent Bye on the Voices of VR podcast.

Kent Bye has been consistently documenting the XR space since 2014 through his prolific podcast, Voices of VR, which now spans more than 1,200 episodes.

Over the years I’ve had the fortune of joining Bye on the podcast during pivotal moments in the XR industry. With the long-awaited release of Apple Vision Pro, it was once again time for a check-in; you can listen here to episode #1,217 of the Voices of VR podcast.

Beyond my previously published hands-on impressions with the headset, our discussion on the podcast covers some of the broader implications of Apple Vision Pro, including how the company’s ecosystem plays a major role in the value of the headset, whether or not the headset’s ergonomics are aligned with its use-case vision, and the ways in which Apple’s entrance into the space feels like a reboot of the industry at large.

Bye also interviewed several others for their takes and impressions of Apple Vision Pro. You can check out episode #1,216 to hear from Sarah Hill, CEO of Healium, and Raven Zachary, COO of ARound; episode #1,218 with Ian Hamilton, Editor at UploadVR; and episode #1,219 with Scott Stein, Editor at CNET.

Voices of VR is a listener-supported podcast; if you like what you hear, you can support Bye’s work on Patreon.

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  • Will anyone anywhere review the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX which is now available for sale.