Apple finally revealed when its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is happening this summer, and the company says it’s also slated to highlight some “advancements” on Vision Pro’s operating system, visionOS.

Coming June 10th – 14th, WWDC is set to feature updates to visionOS in addition to the regular deluge of stuff for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

It’s not certain what the company will have in store, however there are a few rumors out there worth considering the closer we head to the second week of June.

Marking one year since its initial unveiling, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed this week that Vision Pro is set to launch internationally in 2024, which also includes mainland China—a region where its competitor Meta can’t sell headsets. The timing on international rollout still isn’t clear however, making a WWDC announcement possible.

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According to a recent report from MacRumors, Apple has been internally testing a new Apple Pencil that supports Vision Pro, which would allow it to work with XR drawing apps, such as Freeform and Pixelmator. To boot, the company recently published a patent for such a device, which could make it technically the headset’s first supported controller.

The most likely of prognostications: it’s also rumored we’ll be getting visionOS 2.0 at WWDC, which could come with a host of updates. We could see announcements surrounding its Personas avatars, improved Mac integration, Bluetooth mouse support, and updates to its hand and eye-tracking.

Like in years past, the company is holding WWDC online for free, however Apple will also be inviting a select few to join in person for an all-day event at Apple Park on Monday, June 10th. We’ll be following along then, so make sure to set your calendars.

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  • Sounds very exciting!
    Can’t wait to see what they unveil ….
    []^ )

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    Minor nitpicking: “traditionally” Apple aligns major iOS/iPadOS releases with new hardware, so basically any jump in the first number is accompanied by new hardware. There has never been a new major iOS version without a new generation of iPhone, with almost yearly releases. The first iPhone was announced in January 2007, released in June 2007, and 17 years later we are now at iOS version 17. (MacOS is released less often and less regularly, and before Apple Silicon, the hardware differences between the models were more fuzzy.)

    It is VERY unlikely that we will see an announcement of a new AV(P) model, with a “refresh” focusing on reducing the weight rumored for late 2025. So if Apple doesn’t go for Chrome version number hyperinflation, it is very unlikely that we’ll get Vision OS 2.0. We’ll probably get 1.2, then 1.3 …., which actually makes a lot of sense, because they are still stabilizing basic features. Apple usually introduces major new features with major OS releases, so I also wouldn’t expect any huge announcements there, like a lot of new AR features.

    The AVP is still very much a developer/first mover prototype device with a low number of user, so they’ll probably take their time to first figure out how people actually use them (beyond the initial honeymoon phase), and only then start introducing big, new features. Besides continuous refinements I’d expect Apple to mostly focus on the content side, like e.g. the expected immersive live sport/event streaming based on tech from NextVR, which they acquired in 2020.

  • STL

    Too little. Too late. Tim Cook needs to go.

  • I hope for news on worldwide rollout of Vision Pro