Skydance Interactive’s first virtual reality game Archangel has launched with a short timed-exclusivity window on PlayStation VR. The first-person mech shooter is now available on the official PlayStation Store for $39.99, and is due to arrive on ‘other leading VR platforms’, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, on August 2nd.

The new trailer, shown above, hints at a polished, engaging narrative and highlights the intense gameplay, where the player controls a six storey-high mech equipped with guns, missiles, a shield on each arm, and the occasional ability to clench your giant fists and punch things out of the sky. The game supports the DualShock 4 gamepad, but the developers recommend using the PlayStation Move controllers.

“How better to introduce players to Skydance Interactive’s vision for the future of virtual reality gaming than to give them hands-on control of a giant mech in a way that no other medium can deliver,” said Peter Akemann, President of Skydance Interactive. “Now is the time to join the resistance, protect your friends and countrymen, and become the beacon of hope that America needs – the Archangel!”

The ‘on-rails’ mech action comes to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on August 2nd, and a ‘location-based version’ of the game will reach IMAX VR Centres in August.

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  • Get Schwifty!

    I’ve been hoping for this kind of game for some time, glad to see we are getting what appears to be at least a real effort to create fully fleshed out game rather than a half-assed one that touches on a few points and expects the novelty of VR to carry things forward.

    • Raphael

      Ummm…no. It’s an on rails game. That’s not what most of us want for mechs.

  • Morality_Mortality

    I’m worried by this statement: “The ‘on-rails’ mech action . . . ”
    Not being able to control the movement at all of the main character / robot is even worse than the recent trend to accomodate #VRComfort issues by making all movement teleport based.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Yeah, that’s the one point of concern – if it really is “on rails” then there is no point.


    io lo finito.gioco troppo breve per il prezzo che lo pagato.
    un gioco spettacolare adatto più per i giovani.
    buona l’idea di un robo gigante.
    potevano fare di meglio.
    voto 6.5
    ancora una volta non siamo di fronte a un gioco AAA
    visto non c’è di meglio per PS VR,lo consiglio a giocatori giovani….
    un adulto potrebbe storgere il naso anche se non mancano gli ”wow”

  • Wolfkolf

    Looks cool. On-rails can be fun. I enjoy all types of games.

    • Raphael

      I have nothing against on-rails… hordeZ is amazing. You will find the majority of us here bitterly disappointed we aren’t getting a VR mech multiplayer shooter.

      People naturally expect mechwarrior or titanfall rather than an arcade game.

      • Wolfkolf

        Speaking of that, can’t wait for Mechwarrior. I hear its being made with VR in mind from the start :-D

        • Raphael

          I didn’t know that. 2018?

          • Wolfkolf

            I think so.

  • Kris Bunch

    You had me until “on rails”. I HATE not being able to control where I go in VR. It breaks total immersion.

  • Raphael

    In other words… just an arcade shooter. Oh well…another one down the drain. Will need drain unblocker soon.

  • jkflipflop98

    Can’t wait for this one. Looking forward to it!