Vertigo Games today announced that its zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine (2017) got its first paid DLC for Quest today.

Originally launched on PC VR back in 2018, the ‘Dead Man’ paid DLC is a prequel campaign that tasks you with infiltrating the missile base as Cpl. John Dockson. Oh, and if you already bought it through the Oculus Store for Rift, it’s free on Quest. Otherwise it costs $2.50.

There’s plenty of close-quarters combat in the dark missile silo, although you’ll have three new weapons to take on the task of clearing out the shambling walkers: a fully automatic submachine gun, a two-handed shotgun, and a tactical handgun.

Like the PC VR version, ‘Dead Man’ for Quest supports two-player co-op, and a range of difficulties such as ‘Apocalyptic’ mode.

Arizona Sunshine for Quest is getting one last DLC drop, ‘The Damned’, which arrived on PC VR late last year. It’s scheduled to arrive on Quest in April for $5.

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  • Roger Bentley

    sucks that i have Arizona sunshine with all dlc on steam for rift cv1 then got a quest years later to buy the arizona sunshine on quest full price cause i love the game and also have to pay for this dlc even though i own it on steam already and not on the oculus store smh.

    • mirak

      Oculus is in it for the selling of software through store, so what did you expect ?

      • Natividad

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  • It’s cool I won’t have to pay for this DLC, I guess I picked up the game just in time. But I gotta say, the dark, cramped sections weren’t my favorite part. The game as “Sunshine” right in the title, you kinda expect a bit more lighting.

    • mirak

      What a dumb comment