Arizona Sunshine (2017) on PlayStation VR, the zombie shooter from Vertigo Games, just got a free DLC update that includes two additional maps for its survival-style endless Horde mode.

While the two maps in question—“Old Mine” and “Undead Valley”—have been available in Horde mode on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive since earlier this year, PSVR players are now able to access the maps too. An automatic update to the main game on PS4 adds the maps to Horde mode, which is playable solo and with up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer.

image courtesy Vertigo Games

In a PlayStation blogpost, the Vertigo’s Lead Tech Trevor Blom says the new maps “allow for a more dynamic play style than the original. Where the first has players think tactically and work in teams to survive in an utterly dark map, in the second, players will need to keep moving to stay ahead of the horde in a dynamic warehouse-turned-gambling den near Las Vegas.”

image courtesy Vertigo Games

“A unique twist on the Horde mode gameplay is the need of a flashlight [in Old Mine] – a much needed source of light in this map. Teams start out with only one though; you will need to overcome some waves before you have enough for all players. Good thing you’re not afraid of the dark.”

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Unlike Old Mine, Undead Valley is an entirely new map that’s built separate from the campaign. Blom says Undead Valley “encourages exploration in an ever-expanding play area. Weapons, ammo and tactical spots are much more scattered, forcing you to keep moving to stay ahead of the horde. You will need to unlock new areas, both in- and outdoors, by blowing up obstacles with grenades or opening doors with keys found throughout the level, making this map feel somewhat like a mini adventure.”

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  • JesperL

    What about for the steam version?

    • Andy Sledge

      Did you read the article? They are already on the Steam Version , PSVR Players are catching up with the update

  • MagZu

    DLZ what is that? must be a spelling error (im pointing at the title)

    • kool

      Designated landing zone.