Vertigo Games has now released its final paid DLC for its co-op zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine (2017) on Oculus Quest.

First released on PSVR and PC headsets in October 2019, ‘The Damned DLC’ is now available on Oculus Quest, priced at $5.

This, the studio tells us, includes Oculus Store cross-buy support, so buying it for Quest will also allow you play it on Rift and vice versa.

The Damned DLC precedes the events of the main story, sending you and a team of US Special Forces to reactivate the generators of a massive hydroelectric dam to restore power to the military’s nuclear missile systems.

Priced at $40, Arizona Sunshine supports all major VR headsets, including PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows VR headsets, and Oculus Quest.

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