Arizona Sunshine (2016), the room-scale zombie shooter adventure, already got its first campaign DLC on Oculus Rift, Vive & Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets on May 24th, dubbed ‘Dead Man’ DLC. The single mission campaign, which was previously targeting a June release on PSVR, is now pushed back to July.

Update (06/20/18): Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive recently released word via a Facebook post that Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC for PSVR is now due for a July launch. The DLC, which is a prequel to the series, will be on offer for $2.50. The studios said the delay is due to an unspecified “technical challenge,” that has since been solved.

The original article detailing Dead Man DLC follows below:

Original article (05/04/18): Dropping you in a zombie-infested US missile base, you’re tasked with containing the fresh zombie outbreak. Assuming the role of Dockson, a US Army Special Forces corporal, your mission is to launch a nuclear-warhead loaded missile to clear the base, and of course dispatch all of the zombies between you and the launch silo.

Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC is already on Steam, and will be available for $2.50.

The single mission campaign takes place before the events of Arizona Sunshine. Just like its predecessor, it boasts both single player and online co-op for up to two players.

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To boot, there are also three new weapons: a fully automatic submachine gun, a two-handed shotgun and a tactical handgun. Dead Man DLC features various difficulty levels including Apocalyptic Mode, something Vertigo Games says is “insane.”

Dead Man DLC also includes new masks and “a couple of light customization options” as well. Six new achievements will also be available for the rabid completionists out there.

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  • nasprin

    That’s really nice and the pricing seems reasonable. Glad the developers seem to be doing well – AS is one of those games that make me happy to have a VR Headset.

  • bud

    Able to be purchased from Oculus Home ?

    Also credit where it is due, this game plays like a labor of love, appreciated by a generation imo

    thanks this game has caused frantic staying alive efforts in game :-)

  • Michael Sherman

    I’ve held off on buying this game. Looks like I’ll be jumping in soon. Glad they are still supporting this title

  • Michael Sherman

    I heard enemy variety was an issue. Does anyone know if this got updated?

    • Floyd Norman

      There are many Enemy Models but they do unfortunately all act the same.

      I am hopeful this DLC does fix this. Other than that I thoroughly suggest this game. It’s great Multiplayer with friends :)

  • Read it

    I love the original game. brilliant story, VR Integration, voice acting and zombie action. I was hoping for an Arizona Sunshine 2 (possibly with some melee added) but this will keep me going. Enemy variety is a relatively small pool compared to other zombie shooters but you will not regret buying it.


    Arizona Sunshine got to take a lot of flak in the beginning by the PSVR community. I deeply enjoyed it from the getgo with the Move controllers and later the Aim. Fun game.

  • PRGuy69

    DLC is MEH and can be finished in 40-50min.

    • Isn’t that like the whole game? It was one of the first AAA-looking games to come out, but it’s always been expensive and painfully short. As far as gameplay, it mostly rests on being a VR version of everything else you’ve already played. A this point, it’s far eclipsed by other VR games, most of whom aren’t that expensive.

      • PRGuy69

        I disagree, the main story actually had a decent length thats why the DLC was so disappointing to me. Also you are replying to a 5months old comment.