During Meta’s Connect 2023 developer conference today the company revealed the hotly awaited sequel to Asgard’s Wrath, the single-player adventure which launched on Rift in 2019, is coming to Quest 2 and the fully unveiled Quest 3 on December 15th.

Update (September 27th, 2023): Now we know precisely when to set our calendars for the release of Asgard’s Wrath 2: December 15th, 2023.

Additionally, Meta announced that users who buy Quest 3, either the 128GB variant for $500 or the 512GB for $650, is getting Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free, which will be otherwise priced at $60. The original article announcing Asgard’s Wrath 2 follows below:

Original Article (June 1st, 2023): Called Asgard’s Wrath 2, the game is slated to launch on Quest 2 and Quest Pro in Winter 2023. Picking up where it last left off, the sequel suddenly thrusts you into a battle with a creature from an Ancient Egypt-inspired realm. There, you encounter the ‘Weavers of Fate’ who set you on a mission to find and stop a certain trickster god.

Check out the reveal trailer, which is only available on YouTube due to its age rating.

Meta-owned studio Sanzaru Games says the sequel includes a host of new realms to explore, including Asgardian realms in addition to vast desert expanses of ancient Egypt. You’ll be able to battle and puzzle your way through temples, caves, and dungeons, where you’re encounter monsters, main quests, sidequests, crafting resources, mini-games and more.

Like the first, you’ll have access to a cast of warrior-followers to help you solve puzzles and help you take on enemies. God-scale perspective

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Asgard’s Wrath 2 includes an updated combat system that departs from the last, which previously required you to block and parry hits, destroy shields and armor, then kill the enemy itself. Now you’ll be able to hack away at defenses naturally in addition to parrying for opportune melee windows. It also includes elemental types and a wider variety of enemies in addition to physics-based melee. Upgradeable abilities and weapons extend beyond the player, as companions also have their own skill trees.

Enemies are said to scale to user level and ability, giving them access to better moves and defensive measures. In addition to the main game, there’s also set to be an infinite dungeon crawling mode to help you bone up on tactics.

Pre-orders for Agard’s Wrath 2 are available today, with a Quest launch scheduled for winter 2023. In the meantime, learn a little more about the game in this nine-minute developer walkthrough, again, only on YouTube.

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  • Jeroham Ortiz

    Looks great. I can see maybe less detail in graphics from the 1st, possibly due to being made for Quest 2 & 3, but it seems to move more fluidly. I do wonder if it is Quest2, 3 or PC gaming footage. Likely Q3.

    • Dragon Marble

      All the footage we’ve seen are Q2.

      • jerronimo3000

        Did they specify that? I remember they said it was in-game, but I don’t remember saying Q2 specifically

        • Dragon Marble

          Yes. They said that in the deep dive after the main event.

  • Ookami

    looks really good, but it’s still a graphical downgrade from the first, which isn’t a good look.

    • Dragon Marble

      Currently, the only possible ways to make AAA VR profitable (and therefore sustainable) are: 1) make it standalone (Asgard); 2) make it hybrid (RE8).

      Both remain unproven because we’ve only had so few of them. After making RE8 available in VR, CAPCOM said they “have no plans” (meaning no interest) in bringing the DLCs to VR. Probably they were incentivized by Sony to make the main game. That would make it unsustainable. As to Asgard, we’ll have to see how well it sells.

      The future of VR gaming remains uncertain, but we may get some important answers soon.

      • Ookami

        I mean sure it’s not very profitable yet, and Capcom might not care for adding the DLC to the vr version, but Sony did say that there’s a clear connection with the quality and scale of VR games and the number of sales.

  • The trailer looks amazing

  • Sky Castle

    Asgard’s Wrath was one of the best VR game I’ve ever played. Shame they sold out to Fuckbook. Now we get a PS2 visual quality looking VR game made for Quest. Hard pass.

    • Erilis

      I think they were originally paid to develop Asgarths wrath by Facebook. Then they got bought up. Meta tried to buy insomniac before Spiderman series, but Sony got to them first. I kind of prefer Stormland over Asgard’s wrath.

    • shadow9d9

      Turn on and play and wireless freedom of movement in a native game is way more important than visuals. Obsessing about graphics past age 15 is cringe.

      • Sky Castle

        What’s cringe is you too stupid to realize graphics does matter.

        • shadow9d9

          I have a 4090, that I play on a LG OLED 55 inch tv, with a $1500 sound system. I still prefer standalone vr. Obsessing about graphics after the age of 15 is cringe.

          • Sky Castle

            And? I have 4090 as well, except a much bigger QLED Samsung TV. Tiny 55″ LG and $1500 sound system…sucks to be poor. Can’t believe you even bragged about that LOL.
            Thinking everyone shares your opinion about graphics is super cringe. Sucks even more to be at your level of stupidity.

  • ViRGiN

    Steam Deck 64GB eMMC – 419 euros
    Steam Deck 512GB NVMe SSD – 679 euros

    It’s not just Meta that does that.

    • Jeroham Ortiz

      Yes, Apple does as well.
      I assume it’s one of their best profit maneuvers: offer a base with barely enough storage to get by and the next option at a big markup.
      Though at least with the Deck you get faster storage