‘Attack on Titan VR’ Game Announced from ‘Little Witch Academia VR’ Developer


Attack on Titan is one of those IPs that people have long asked to see in VR… and now they’ll finally get their wish. Today it was announced that UNIVRS is developing the first official Attack on Titan VR game for home headsets, Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable.

Announced today during Upload VR’s 2022 Winter Showcase, Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable is in development and set for a release in Summer 2023 on Quest 2. Developer Univrs, the studio most recently behind Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing, released a teaser for the project which unfortunately doesn’t give us any clue at how the game will look or play.

Although the studio’s experience with Little Witch Academia VR might not seem like it would translate to the intense and gory nature of an Attack on Titan game, the studio prides itself on its “unique anti-motion sickness technology,” which it says makes broom racing in the prior game very comfortable in VR despite high speeds.

If you know Attack on Titan then you’ll know that characters in the universe use the so-called ‘omni-directional mobility gear’ to zip around and outmaneuver their massive foes. Surely no Attack on Titan game would be complete without it, and that’s where Univrs’ experience with high speed VR gameplay might actually come in very handy.

And while Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable is confirmed to launch on Quest 2 this coming Summer, it’s not clear whether the game will make it to SteamVR (as prior titles from the developer have).

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  • Andrey

    Do you know this meme from The Office series where Michael Scott screams “No!” many times? I am doing a 180 degree opposite thing right now.
    Oh God, yes, thank you! There ARE some sane people in this world! Someone DID notice the popularity of fan-made AoT games on Sidequest (and that this works for VR IDEALLY) and finally decided to create a full-fledged AoT VR game.
    Actually, if it was just second AoT game from the Omega Force, but in VR, I would be happy to buy it again. But at the same time OF doesn’t have any experience in VR, so it can be easy for them to ruin the VR-part. Though, again, I am not sure if Univrs will be able to deliver VR-part of the coming game right too – as you can see even from this article, they care about the motion sickness and, imo, care too much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing in general, but in case of AoT even in fan-made AoT game the speed of flying using ODMG for me personally was too slow and almost always I though that “I want to go 2x faster to this titan’s neck!”. I really hope developers either will just copy the basic VR-gameplay core of the fan-made game or at least will make different options to make it more “motion-sickness unfriendly” but faster.
    We just need good models/animations/textures, good environments (if buildings could be destructed by titans like in OF’s AoT games it would be SO cool, but I doubt Quest 2 can handle it even with godlike optimizations), good story (if it won’t be just another recap of the original it already will be pretty nice), all possible iconic characters from the series as partners for player’s squad (with their original seiyuus (voice actors)), different modes aside from the story to just fly and slash titans, epic music (Hiroyuki Sawano’s OST? Probably not, but it should be something as epic) and, if there also will be COOP for at least 2-4 people – it can become my personal favorite VR game in 2023.
    Can’t wait to see the gameplay and, if it will be done right, to pre-order!
    P.S. – on the second thought, it’s pretty suspecious for me that there wasn’t any gameplay in the announcment trailer. Summer 2023 is like 6 month away and they still have nothing to show? Please, let it not be another 2-3 hours “VR experience” instead of a game…

    • PerpetuallySkeptical

      Maybe check out some reviews of little witch academia vr broom racing.

    • ViRGiN

      did you literally wrote 2 kilometers long wall of text for something that doesn’t even have a single screenshot?

      • Andrey

        Yep. It’s called “hype” I guess? Not really my thing, but in this case I just couldn’t resist.
        P.S. You should be grateful that Sword Art Online VR-game was never announced – I would write a hundred kilometers long wall of text about that for sure!

        • Octogod

          We understand Palmer. We understand.

  • Monica Rose

    nice manga i hope more chapter

  • Michael Gaus