Harmonix, the veteran music game studio behind the Guitar Hero series, released their latest VR game Audica on PC VR in Early Access back in March. PSVR users have been patient, but now the unique shooter-meets-rhythm game is available today on PSVR.

Update (November 5th, 2019): Audica is  now available on PSVR. In addition to the songs listed in the article below, the PSVR launch includes 4 free songs exclusive to the platform:

  • asms – “Reeds of Mitatrush”
  • Darren Korb ft. Ashley Barrett – “We All Become (from the Transistor: Original Soundtrack)”
  • James Egbert ft. Nina Sung – “Exit Wounds”
  • James Landino – “Funky Computer”

The studio is also making five downloadable songs available right away, purchasable on their own or as a package deal.

  • 5 Seconds of Summer – “Youngblood”
  • Ariana Grande – “Into You”
  • Billie Eilish – “bad guy”
  • Imagine Dragons – “Believer”
  • Post Malone – “Better Now”

The original article announcing its fall launch window follows below.

Original Article (August 28th, 2019): Harmonix released the news on a PS blogpost, saying that Audica will arrive on the PSVR platform sometime this Fall.

The studio says they will reveal more details surrounding exact date, price, and full soundtrack in the coming months (see update).

At launch, Audica is said to include four arenas, a variety of blasters, a suite of customization options to personalize the gameplay experience, and a campaign taking you through the game’s 30+ song soundtrack.

Image courtesy Harmonix

We had the opportunity to go deep in our first preview of the game before it hit Steam and the Oculus Store ($20) a few months ago. The studio has since pushed several quality of life updates and included more and more songs to its playable soundtrack.

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As the PlayStation platform doesn’t have any official Early Access program, we imagine Audica will likely launch out of Early Access on Steam/Oculus Store shortly afterwards.

Check out the trailer below:

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  • Justos

    Why make specific songs exclusive to platforms? I dont like any of them, but seems like a shallow thing to do. Exclusive songs arent going to make or break anyone buying audica on psvr… Especially not over other platforms

  • Trenix

    The more you guys support games like these, the more of them you’ll get. We already have beat saber, now audica, soon pistol whip. How many of these kind of games do you guys need?

    • Bamux

      What is your problem with these games Audica and Beat Saber are so fundamentally different from each other and have a completely different playing feel. Your statement is like no more jump and runs should be produced because Super Mario already exists.

    • Clownworld14

      They’ll always go where the money is unfortunately, not what makes a immersive experience.

    • Digimortal

      A naive view, you think if you refuse to buy a certain type of game, the industry will work it out and make the type of VR experience you are looking for? If people enjoy these games (which they clearly do), they should buy them without protest from yourself.

      At the end of the day low budget, easy to pick up and play games are where VR gaming is at for the masses, no one is going to invest huge amounts of money on a small, emerging and already fractured install base, The only so called AAA game I see coming is Iron Man VR and that’s being sold for £45 on PSN… I hardly imaging that will be more than a 6 hour on rails shooter or arcade flight sim.

      • Trenix

        Kind of annoying seeing responses from people who are clueless of business. Why do you think everyone made a battle royale once it got popular? Because there is less of a risk to make a game like that than something new and different. Businesses aim to for a market that exists. If all you guys keep buying games like beatsaber and similar games, you think there will be a change in the VR market? So keep buying, but expect more of the same games over and over.
        Support your indie games and lookout for games that offer something new. There is no reason for why we should have Audica and pistol whip at the top charts. You can’t tell me that there aren’t better games out there. I’m just waiting for the next beatsaber to come out, because just maybe, you guys could wake up and be like, “Yeah I don’t want another one of these games” so we can move forward.

        • Digimortal

          No one is arguing your rationale for successes being mirrored due to ease of replication and low perceived risk, the great news for VR software developers is that many, very simple games in VR are realising commercial success, which is just as well due to the low investment required to produce some of my favourite games: e.g. beat saber, super hot, Crisis VRigade, box VR and Serious Sam VR.

          Why is this good? Because the VR gaming install base is largely fractured and tiny to start with Vs other eco systems such as IOS, Android, Windows, Xbox & PS4

          The issue I have is your self imposed superiority, you clearly aren’t keen on many of these easy to pick up and play games coming out, you have identified your fellow consumer as the problem and your answer is to try and dissuade people from buying what they enjoy, because your theory is if you can convince people to stop buying these games, developers will naturally develop a game you like, rather than go bankrupt or abandon the vr platform altogether.

          In essence all I am trying to say is by all means have your own opinion and talk constructively and openly about the types of games you wish to see made in VR, but don’t dump on the gaming community and tell people they should not buy what appeals to them.

          Personally I can’t wait for deeper highly simulated VR games, but so far from the 80+ games I have bought for Vive and PSVR, most of these games are buggy, unintuitive and often lacking the polish and fun factor many people expect from this medium, thankfully there are a few simple but fun nuggets out there to enjoy until that happens over the next few years with any luck.