steven_schardtAUTO is a 360-video and morality tale available on Jaunt that takes a near-future look at the human impact of automation and emerging technology. It’s not a grotesque satire in the vein of Black Mirror, but it’s done in a more of a future realistic style that could be happening within the next 1–3 years—if not already.


Auto is a story that stuck with me given it’s authentic portrayal by non-trained actors who were Ethopian immigrants, and how automation could impact their lives. The video premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in April, and I had a chance to talk to director Steven Schardt about the emerging grammar of directing attention in VR storytelling, the struggles of funding and distribution for independent VR storytellers (this was recorded before Jaunt picked it up for distribution), and insights on the evolution of new communications mediums from the Tom Gunning’s Cinema of Attractions and Marshall McLuhan’s media theories.

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