chris-madsenCustom avatars in social VR add a lot of fidelity of identity expression and creative flair in applications like VRChat or High Fidelity. Morph3D is a custom avatar solution that offers a number of free avatars within VRChat, but they also have a custom tool where you can customize your own virtual avatar. I had a chance to catch up with Chris “DeepRifer” Madsen, Morph3D’s head of VR/AR at GDC where we talked about some of the reactive avatars that they’re working on. 


Chris has tried to explore something new in VR every day for the past four years, and he also shares some of the highlights of his social VR experiences from the last four years.

Editor’s Note: Chris Madsen has previously contributed articles to Road to VR.

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  • Tom VR

    Great Talk DeepRifter!