Battlezone (2016), the low-poly, high-action reboot of the classic Atari game, launched as a timed exclusive with PlayStation VR when it hit shelves in October of last year. Today owners of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and OSVR can now strap into the cockpit of the game’s sci-fi hovertanks.

Designed by Rebellion to work with gamepad (and Touch controllers for Oculus Store purchases), the new PC version of the game promises higher resolution textures, shadows, reflections—basically higher resolution everything to make good use of the graphical horsepower of VR-ready gaming PCs.

You can find it on Steam for all Steam VR supported headsets and Oculus Store for the Oculus Rift.

Here’s a peek into what Rebellion says is possible with Battlezone.

Battlezone offers unrivalled battlefield awareness, a monumental sense of scale and breathless combat intensity.

Experience a thrilling campaign for 1-4 players where different environments, enemies and missions blend together across a procedurally generated campaign. No two playthroughs will be the same!

Unleash destructive weapons and awesome special equipment, from laser-guided missiles and rail guns to EMPs and shield boosts

Unlock more powerful tanks, weapons and special equipment and pick from hundreds of deadly combinations!

Experience where it all started with Classic Mode – featuring original two-track controls and worldwide leaderboards to test yourself against!

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  • Firestorm185

    Yay! Been lookin forward to playing this one!

  • Tommy

    Have this for PSVR. I’m glad everyone else gets to try it as it is pretty awesome!
    Good luck trying to beat it on your own!

  • James Friedman

    I wish there was a save option. I so far don’t see an option to continue playing after quitting.

    • Meow Smith

      You can continue where on the map you left the game.

      • James Friedman

        When playing offline I didn’t see that option. I was basically taken back to the initial map. I DID change from long game to medium game so maybe that had a factor in it. I’ll try again tonight

  • Raphael

    Video shows oculus touch. Store page ln steam shows only kiddy gamepad suppprt.

    I’m a Vive user so im trying to find out if it’s just restricted to kiddypad controller.

    If it supports octopus touch no mention is made on stote page.
    If it supports octopus touch it should support vive wands too……

    • Jimmy Arias

      In the Oculus store it says that supports gamepad controller and Oculus Touch

      • Raphael

        Ok. On steam it just says gamepad. I’ve asked the dev if it supports vive controllers but i have to wait for reply.

        • J.C.

          The game does not support Vive controllers because they don’t have enough buttons for all of the functions. That was already answered on their Steam forums yesterday.

          Calling a gamepad a “kiddie gamepad” makes you look like an elitist shitbag, gamepads have a place in gaming. For VR, they’re handy because unlike a mouse/keyboard you know where all the buttons are when “blind”. For non-sim racing games, they’re the best option.

          • Raphael

            I am certainly an elitist shitbag. Gamepads have a place in console gaming. For me they have no place. My hotas has controls for any flight sim or game. So for me it’s either vr controls or hotas. Battlezone might work with hotas since it uses x-input.

          • ender707

            I believe Oculus did some recent work on their end to enable the touch controllers to work for gamepad games in their 1.14 update. What type of hotas are you using? The T flight from thrust master is basically a dual shock controller and may work.

          • Raphael

            I’m using saitek x-52 pro.

          • Dan Hornburgh

            Dude.. Just bind your X52 the way you need to bind it.. Xpadder has everything you need.
            As an elitist PC shitbag you should know this already.

          • Raphael

            It supports octopus touch so that means touch has more buttons?

          • DM

            So Edgelord, many wow…

        • Diamond 482

          Apparently Im an elitist shitbag, cause I’m pissed it doesn’t clearly state you have to go out and buy a fucking gamepad to play this shit. Piss me off.

  • Cool. I really liked this on PSVR, and Imagine it would be just as cool in the Rift.