The block-slashing rhythm game is at it again: Beat Saber (2019) just got three new songs from Japanese electronic dance music artist Camellia, available today on all supported platforms.

Although the studio has been mostly cutting deals to secure paid content from the likes of Green Day, Panic at the Disco!, and Imagine Dragons, it’s good to see that the game is still getting free tracks on the regular, and also supporting both independent and lesser-known artists.

Beat Games was most recently acquired by Facebook, which may have something to do with the continued investment in free music, although the studio has admittedly tapped record labels such as Monster Cat to supply a large amount of content from up and coming faces in the EDM scene.

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In any case, here’s Camellia’s new Beat Saber tracks, including links to the songs:

The studio cautions that “[y]ou should stretch before downloading this update,” no doubt referencing Camellia’s penchant for creating fast, unrelenting beats. Also maybe move away from your TV?

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  • kuhpunkt

    Light It Up is nice and has a great flow.

  • Great to see they’re still adding free songs!

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