Beat Saber has climbed to the #7 spot among best rated games on Steam—VR or otherwise—and continues to hold the #1 spot among VR titles.

For a few days following its Early Access launch back in May, Beat Saber basked in the #1 spot of top rated titles on Steam as the only game on Steam with a 99% positive rating. A few weeks into release, a handful of negative reviews dropped the game down to 98%. With just 19 other games on Steam holding a 98% positive rating, Beat Saber dropped to around #13 among all games, as Steam breaks the tie based on which game has the greater number of positive ratings.

As it has continued to amass positive reviews over time, Beat Saber has slowly climbed the ladder, recently securing the #7 spot among Steam’s best rated games with 5,761 positive reviews.

Reaching the #6 spot on Steam will take time yet, as Beat Saber will need to outpace the incumbent, A Hat in Time (2017), and surpass that game’s 7,689 positive ratings.

But it could certainly get there; Beat Saber is still in Early Access and developer Beat Games is working on much requested content like more official tracks, an official track editor, and multiplayer. The game’s eventual launch out of Early Access could propel it to new heights among Steam’s top rated titles.

How to Download and Install 'Beat Saber' Custom Songs

Alternatively, if Beat Saber’s ratio of positive to negative reviews improves, it could leap right to the top of the list by moving from a 98% positive to 99% positive rating. Currently just 55 negative reviews are keeping the game from 99%, but based on the way the rating system works, Beat Saber would need to pick up an additional 5,439 positive reviews with no additional negative reviews in order to hit 99%.

Beat Saber is also among the best and most rated games on the Oculus Store, with 1,732 reviews at present, holding a score of 4.8 out of 5. The game is in development for PSVR and expected to launch later this year.

Beat Games confirmed back in May that Beat Saber sold 100,000 units in its first month. SteamSpy presently estimates sales between 200,000 and 500,000 units on Steam alone which, if accurate, puts the game among the best selling VR titles to date.

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  • impurekind

    And it deserves it.

  • They did a great job in mixing VR and music in a compelling and easy way and also in doing great marketing…

  • Michael Slesinski

    steamspy is useless since the privacy update, the game completely lacks creativity, and its pretty much impossible for it to pass a hat in time unless its part of the humble monthly some time soon.

    • Sven Viking
      • Michael Slesinski

        ..that doesnt show copies sold.

        • Sven Viking

          Ah, sorry, misunderstood what you were meaning.

    • Jistuce

      Lacks creativity? If “DDR + lightsabers” doesn’t sound like creative genius, then you are dead inside.
      Less sarcastically… it’s a music game. There hasn’t been much change since Parappa introduced it, just what specific control mechanism you hit the beats with.

      • Michael Slesinski

        “If “DDR + lightsabers” doesn’t sound like creative genius, then you are dead inside.”.. too bad holodance did it first huh? also a shame that box vr has the same gameplay..

        • Jistuce

          Box VR has the same gameplay, Audioshield has the same gameplay, ParaPara Paradise has the same gameplay, GuitarFreaks has the same gameplay, Rock Band has the same gameplay, Elite Beat Agents(the game Holodance is rather transparently cloning) has the same gameplay, Parappa the Rapper has the same gameplay… do you have a point?

          All music games are the same, they live and die by ambience and music selection.

          It is why we put up with Audioshield. The beat detection on arbitrary music means it ALWAYS has the music we want, even if it is not always the best(or even always a physically playable) pattern.

          What is so special about Beatsaber that it generates this all-consuming wrath where the other copycats don’t?

          • kuhpunkt

            Don’t even bother talking to him. He’s just an asshole and will insult you for no reason.

          • Michael Slesinski

            ignore him hes just some limp dicked cyberstalker that has no life.

          • Jistuce

            I know, but sometimes I feel the n d to try anyways.

          • Michael Slesinski

            they arent really all the same though. the whole pattern matching thing is NOT the same as the OSU! thing which is not the same as box vr which is different than audioshield (you are VERY wrong about holodance by the way, the reason you are associating it with that game is because of its OSU! support, but the original version of the game DID NOT have OSU! support).

            all music games are 100% NOT the same, beat hazard is nothing like audiosurf. some of them definitely have nuances, but beat saber is pretty much a 1:1 clone of box vr gameplay, the only real difference is the soundtrack being FORCED on you and it having glow sticks instead of gloves. BOTH are directional in nature (most other are not), meaning you dont just “catch” like you would with audioshield, or touch like you would in holodance, or tap/trace like you would in OSU! you hit the targets with your hand moving the correct direction, they even both have parts where you have to duck for fucks sake.

            theres a difference between being the same genre as something and being a rip off of it. borderlands did not rip off unreal for example whereas beat saber DID rip off boxVR.

          • Jistuce

            “borderlands did not rip off unreal for example”
            No, it is a Doom clone, as the genre used to be known.

          • Michael Slesinski

            the genre was never known as “doom clone”, they have always been first person shooters. for one thing (and i knew i shouldnt have edited this out) doom was copied from wolfenstein which was copied from silent debuggers, so anyone who has ever used that term is an ignorant twat trying to sound cool. we can go WAY beyond that though.. doom is based on getting through levels, unreal is for the most part known for its death matches, and borderlands is an openworld loot-em-up (we should probably stick descent in there somewhere too since 6dof games are also fps’s but nothing at all like doom). the gameplay is also not directly lifted, since in doom you couldnt even fucking look up and down! so you see the only games out there that ARE actual doom clones are the ones made BY ID! namely heretic, hexen, quake, and a few other odds and ends.

            but thats enough educating for today (im not getting paid for this), youre clearly one of those kids who think they know everything… despite being woefully ignorant of the subject matter.

          • Jistuce

            “the genre was never known as “doom clone”, they have always been first person shooters.”

            Just… wow. That is a lot of words defending some pretty heavy alternative facts.
            I did play Dark Forces and Duke Nukem 3D back when they were still being called “doom clones”, after all. Good times, those.

            But you’ve definitely done some serious wiki-diving to shore up your pretentions at expertise.

          • Michael Slesinski

            some idiot WRONGLY calling 2 games “doom clones” does NOT a fucking genre define. doom isnt even the game being copied for fucks sake!

            i dont need to “wiki-dive” i have a tg-16 and damn close to every other major console sitting on the shelves right behind me. i have been playing videogames for over 40 fucking years, so you can just suck my fat pretentious dick with your “wiki-diving” bullshit.

          • Jistuce

            It. Was. A. Common. Phrase.
            How you could be playing video games in the nineties and NOT have heard them called “doom clones” is beyond me.

            Also, I don’t swing that way, so I must decline your offer of homosexual relations. But I am glad you are comfortable with your sexuality.

          • Michael Slesinski

            a “common phrase” doesnt make for a fucking genre though (nomatter how grossly or often it is used)! just like ARPG is arpg nomatter how many idiots call them “diablo clones”! im calling you a twat RIGHT NOW, so shall we no longer consider you a “human” because a minority has labelled you a twat? im guessing you must have smoked a whole lot of crack in the 90’s to be this stupid now.

          • Jistuce

            Who decides what genres are named, pray tell? Language is shaped by use.

            Also, “diablo clone” is a subset of action RPG. There’s also Ys, Zelda 2 clones, and Borderlands(a rare Doom clone/ARPG hybrid)

          • Michael Slesinski

            the developers decide the genre. for example nomatter how much you want to pretend phantasy star online isnt a mmorpg its printed on the back of the fucking box.

            you are way too thick to actually understand this, but ill repeat it one last time… some fucktard CALLING something a “clone” doesnt make it such. look at a person for example, unless the dna is identical its NOT a fucking clone! you can clone plants too, however you dont say a poppy is a rose clone… because they are completely different!

            you may claim to be straight now, but the only way i can see you getting so stupid that you cant comprehend this is for you to have been one hell of a power bottom back in the day.

          • Jistuce

            Awww, are you still mad I turned down your offer of homosexual relations?

          • Michael Slesinski

            no, just that retards like yourself arent exterminated at birth.

          • Jistuce

            If you hate me so much, why were you hitting on me in the first place?

            Regardless of how far back into the closet you’ve retreated since I broke your heart… if genres are defined by the developer or publisher’s marketing, then Doom isn’t a first-person shooter. It was sold as a “3D adventure”.
            Duke Nukem 3D billed itself a “3D slugfest”.
            Dark Forces? “First-person ground combat”. Well, it’s first-person SOMETHING.
            Descent is just an “action game”

            All genres from the packaging of the original DOS releases.

            Nonetheless, three of these are part of the glut of post-Doom games that copied a formula of “in a maze killing everything that moves from a first-person perspective while collecting three color-coded key cards so you can reach the exit” that was emblematic of the genre known as “Doom clones” that dominated PC gaming for about a decade after Doom was released. The fourth of these is ACTUALLY DOOM.

            It is impossible to credibly argue that the glut of games in which you shoot something in a 3D maze while collecting key cards was all sudden independent evolution as everyone struck upon a good idea instead of what it was, which was everyone seeing Doom’s success, deciding they wanted some of those dollars, and creating “Doom, but with our own characters and maybe a unique twist”. Cloning Doom, in other words.

          • Michael Slesinski

            no.. not how they are MARKETED, what they are sold AS. i honestly always associated doom more with killing demons, since its not like golden eye was a “doom clone”. by your idiotic logic every vr game is a “mario’s tennis clone”.

            the entire concept of calling games a clone of this or that is something retards have engaged in. just because technology evolves and somebody takes advantage of that evolution doesnt make anyone else who does so a copy cat. the real question though is why you are stuck using the wrong source game? “silent debuggers clone” or atleast “wolfenstein clone” is the correct term, NOT doom. thats how you know only retards do it, because they arent even giving the correct games credit.

            you seem pretty thrilled that anyone made an advance on you, not much of a looker im sure, but it wasnt an offer. you are going to sit here and pretend you know anything about an EXPRESSION (NOT genre you fucking tard) like “doom clone” while being ignorant of one like “suck my dick”? look idiot, you are fucking wrong and stupid and an embarrassment to the species. this conversation ends here, and hopefully before you decide to try and be clever again youll give eating some tide pods some serious though.

          • Jistuce

            Wolfenstein didn’t have keycards. Hence, Doom clone is more accurate.
            Also what is the difference between what a game is marketed as and what it is sold as? Is there a formal genre registration process in the bowels of the ESA where one can find the canonical genre? Or are we supposed to filter what is said about the game and divine the proper Micheal-approved genre name?

            And I’m still not sucking your dick. Not literally, and not metaphorically.

          • Michael Slesinski

            too stupid to google it yourself? really?!

            so youll “wiki-dive” silent debuggers but NOT genres?


            they need to ban retards like you from using the internet.

          • Jistuce

            The developers do not consult Wikipedia for game genres, and certainly didn’t in the mid-90s. And the encyclopedia anyone can edit is good at documenting public consensus, less so at being an authoritative fact repository, wiki-diver.

            And if you don’t want me commenting on your sexual proclivities, stop bringing them up.

  • Rand

    I pretty much have to play it every time I put on my VR. I usually intend on playing just one song but end up playing 4 or 5. I have never been into the dance type games but this is just so much better.

  • Peter Hansen

    Best rated game does not mean anything. It just means that we are back in the hype. Which did not work the first time. Congratz.

  • Bitekr

    coming to PSVR near you ! :) so many great games and so little time