Beat Saber is great but it’s even better with more songs to play! Luckily the game’s community has unofficially added lots of new music to the game and this guide will show you how easy it is to download and install new Beat Saber custom songs. Unfortunately Beat Saber on PSVR cannot be modded to support custom songs, so this guide only applies to the Oculus and SteamVR versions of the game. If you already installed custom songs but they disappeared after an update, follow this guide instead.

Update (April 8th, 2019): ModSaber is no more. There’s a new mod installer in town, and it’s called Beat Saber Mod Manager. Follow the instructions below to get custom songs.

The developers of Beat Saber are working on an official custom song editor, but the game’s community quickly beat them to the punch with unofficial mods which work surprisingly well, allowing you to browse and install new songs from directly inside the game.

The Beat Saber Mod Manager installs and updates the mods necessary to make this happen and it’s dead simple to install. Here’s how:

  1. Download the latest version of BeatSaberModManager.exe (3.0.5 at the time of writing).
  2. With Beat Saber closed, launch BeatSaberModManager.exe, confirm that the game’s directory is correctly selected, then install ‘Song Loader’ and ‘BeatSaver Downloader’ (among other optional mods). If you don’t see these in the list then they have not been updated yet, check later by running Beat Saber Mod Manager at a later time.
  3. [Optional] You can also update or install any other mods that are showing in the list (learn about what various mods do here). Run Beat Saber Mod Manager later to check for the latest plugins as they’re updated.

Note: Beat Saber Mod Manager will only show plugins which are compatible with the selected version of Beat Saber (the latest version is selected by default). If Beat Saber was just recently updated, you may not see any mods listed at first (or find some are missing), which means they haven’t yet been updated for compatibility with the latest update. You can re-run Beat Saber Mod Installer at any time to check for updated mods.

That’s it! Now when you launch Beat Saber you’ll find a new button on the main menu which says ‘BeatSaver’, click this to browse and download new songs which will appear in the usual song list below the official songs. Looking for some great songs to try? Check out 11 of our favorites!

Shout out to volunteer developers who have created these features and made it easy for the rest of us: lolPants, xyonico, andruzzzhka, Umbranox, xyonico, taz030485, and other contributors and beat map makers!

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  • HybridEnergy

    The entire point of having less songs is the competition on them and the fact that to get good at a song you have to really make it muscle memory. If I want to play player made random songs I’ll play soundboxing.

    • JJ

      uhhh what… thats the most ignorant thing anybody has ever said on here aside from things Marquise/JeanSabastion says.

      Soundboxing and BeatSaber are different games, playing player made song on each is a different game. Why would someone go to one over the other for player made vs. in house songs?? They both have both, so its down to your favorite game and not an issue of the player made songs…

      Nobody is playing either one of these games solely for the the quality of player made songs, that’d be pointless because that’s something that changes over time. Most beat saber players aren’t going to switch the game to achieve what is already provided in game.

      • HybridEnergy

        uhhh what…that’s the most ignorant thing anybody has replied with to a post on here in a while to me with. They aren’t all that different, sound boxing did the custom thing long time ago first was my point and it has a ton of songs. Been there done that. One you punch balls, other one you slash boxes, big deal. Beat Saber is fun, but it’s the most fucking over rated thing in VR ever. It’s some good 2 hour of rated B small dev team sound music game fun till the tracks get boring and that’s about it. “Most beat saber players aren’t going to switch the game to achieve what is already provided in game.” and there it is, you have that backwards, sound boxing was out way before it.

        • jj

          You couldn’t be original and had to just repeat what i said back…nice.
          I actually agree with the overrated thing, as i’ve been the one saying that on every RtoVR post about beat saber, you can check i’m there.
          But if thats the case the same goes for sound boxing, Making your point irrelevant. “If i want to play player made songs ill play sound boxing” makes no sense. Like i said before people are playing the games for the games themselves and not because a game has or doesn’t have player made songs…. That just makes no sense when they both have that option…

          I just imagine an idiot like you saying “oh im gona play PS(or XBox) because one has a controller” …uh dumbass they both have controllers…. <— thats the argument your making over beatsaber and sounboxing and their player made songs. You never mentioned the quality or quantity of either.

          If you think rythm games are just one and done super simple, then why are you here commenting about them… You must really care about them otherwise you wouldn't react.

          You should try to formulate your arguments a little more than just spatting nonsense. Research logical fallacies and persuasion, actually give me a challenge, i feel like your 15 with this shit.

          • HybridEnergy

            I do enjoy rhythm games, obviously, I said I play them. Hell yea I repeated you, cause it was dumb as shit, you call everything ignorant that doesn’t agree with you? My argument was fine, sound boxing did the entire custom tracks already a long time ago. Custom tracks do nothing for me in Beat Saber, I’m more worried in that game that the individual making the song has no rhythm and is making me swing my arms like an idiot all wrong.

          • JJ

            “Soundbox did the entire custom tracks already a long time ago”

            This is where you’re being ignorant. These are two separate games, just because SB has custom songs doesn’t mean BS shouldn’t, or that they’re pointless. Theyre separate games and should BOTH have custom tracks for their fans. Just because your not a fan of BS doesn’t mean others dont want custom songs. actually every wants them it seams like your the only one who doesn’t.

            Sorry for calling you a dumbass btw, you’re not. Unlike 90% of the people on here you actually digest what others say and even if you dont agree, you write a thoughtful response.

            I still dont agree with you though. just because you like SB’s custom tracks has nothing to do with BS custom tracks. For instance I don’t like SB and i do like BS so for me to use your logic, its stupid that SB has custom tracks nobody needs them when BS has them…

          • HybridEnergy

            I guess, I don’t really want to debate this anymore to be honest. I’ve started playing music rhythm games with Frequency and Amplitude on PlayStation 2. My only point was that standardized tracks developed for the game and made by the dev team feel more memorable. Personally, I wished more for an Amplitude like character creator, career mode, maybe worlds with different tracks and boss tracks in each to unlock. I think things like that add more life to music rhythm games for me, an endless stream of songs made by random individuals over time exhausts my interest I guess though I do have 70 hours in Soundboxing hah.

          • sirs smokes

            whats your top 3 vr games?

          • Keith

            lmao that was fun to read, and now u respond like 4 months ltr lmao

        • Matty Thoburn

          i dont think anybody cares about you or the way you play beat saber or your opinions on how others choose to do it.

          • HybridEnergy

            I don’t think anybody cares about you or the way you play beat saber or your opinions on how others choose to do it.

          • Matty Thoburn

            lol you are clearly lonely and sad

          • HybridEnergy

            lol you are clearly stupid and dumb

          • conspiratorial microwave

            wow im laughing at all this dumb shit, like get over yourselves all of you.

          • beunny

            Damn you should all look at HybridEnergy’s profile

          • Taylor

            He’s a toxic mother fucker, aint he.

        • d0x360

          Uhhg…what that’s DEFINITELY the most ignorant 2 posts I’ve ever read. They are completely different games and eantiwa custom songs is not only additional fun but it’s also good for parties. Get some friends

          • HybridEnergy

            My friends are real. We go out to drink and do shit together that isn’t shit you do when you are alone.

    • Morfium

      The entire point is to have fun. ;)

      If you want to compete try to reach the highscore in either the default songs or the top ten most played custom songs. If you already lead those high scores, well I guess you need something harder. (Make your own maybe?)

      I don’t really get why you would miss out on all the custom ones to be honest.

      Plus, most custom songs are harder than the original songs and really need you to memorize parts of it.

      I always start with default songs, switch to custom for workout and end with default to cool down again.

  • Kiero56

    I did this but while in the game I cant see the beat saver button to find more songs

    • Jason

      Same. Hopefully someone can help us .

  • Diffie

    I can’t find Song Loader Plugin

  • Patrick

    This new mod manager is blocked by windows defender on my PC. Even when an exception is made…

  • Millie Young

    Thank you!

  • conspiratorial microwave

    There’s no more Mod Manager. The new one is Mod Assistant.

  • Rhonda bell

    i just want more songs to play