The latest major update to Beat Saber dropped today on all supported platforms, bringing five new modifiers along with multiplayer badges and a host of UI tweaks.

Beat Saber v1.13.4 is rolling out today on all platforms and brings with is some interesting changes that can spice up your gameplay.

Players will see five new modifiers, most of which will amp up the difficulty a given song:

  • Super Fast Song – 150% speed
  • Pro Mode (beta) – Hitboxes are the same size as cubes
  • Strict Angles (beta) – You need to match your swing to the arrow direction more precisely
  • Small Notes (beta) – Notes art 50% smaller (but hitboxes aren’t reduced quite as far)
  • Zen Mode – No notes or UI, just enjoy the music and lights!

While most of the game’s modifiers impact your scoring positively or negatively, those listed above as ‘beta’ will not, at least for the time being.

In addition to the new modifiers, Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode is getting an update as well in the form of 11 new badges which can be awarded to show off a player’s performance in relation to other players after each song. Here’s the full list:

  • Perfectionist –  Full combo
  • Longest Journey – Best max combo
  • Casual Cutter – Worst max combo
  • Saber Surgeon – Best precision
  • Lumberjack – Worst precision
  • Jazz Hands – Most hand movement
  • Fencer – Least hand movement
  • Restless Slicer – Most saber movement
  • Nihilist – Least saber movement
  • No Mercy – Most good cuts
  • Air slicer – Least good cuts

The new multiplayer badge for Beat Saber are accompanied by a new multiplayer results screen to show off the new badges. Other players are also now represented with custom colors in multiplayer.

Despite being revamped not all that long ago, this new update is also said to bring an update main menu with new music.

Further, Beat Saber v1.13.4 also includes an “updated lighting system” and “various tweaks and fixes,” though the developer didn’t go into detail.

Meta to Pull 'Beat Saber' Multiplayer on Quest 1 Later This Year

Unfortunately this update still doesn’t include a multiplayer mode for the PSVR version of Beat Saber, but at least the other improvements in this update are rolling out to the headset now.

Prior to this update, Beat Saber v1.13.2 offered some smaller improvements:

  • Changed No Fail modifier to apply 0.5x multiplier only after you deplete all the energy.
  • Obstacles are now visible also for other players in multiplayer.
  • Brought back Player Statistics (including Online stats) into Help/How to Play screen.
  • Fixed fireworks in Results screen.
  • Fixed player height detector to correctly calculate player height in game.
  • Visual tweaks and other small fixes.
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  • JediMasterASD

    I’m going to feel really dumb if this in the game and I have just missed it but I don’t understand why there isn’t an option to create a playlist or even just a shuffle where it will just randomly move between songs without taking you to the menu after each one. I’d like to get into a grove going from song to song and really work up a sweat but instead I have to stop and decide on a song and then I end up just picking the same couple over and over because they are my favorite. Am I the only one who wants a playlist or continuous shuffle?

    • VR5

      I would like that too actually. Synth Riders has something like this (continue with a random song).

    • DanDei

      YES! I have been waiting for this feature since release. Just let me do a simple playlist and save it. And if you want to be extra fancy, give it a “generate random playlist” button and after clicking allow me to change the order or kick songs out I don’t find fitting.
      This should be so simple and would make me return to the game much more often.

      • Deborah White

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  • Tarzan André

    The list of available songs, including purchases are still very short. It feels a bit like if Spotify only offered twenty artists and one genre. I would find it a lot more appealing if you could select a large variety of songs and just have the game match up to the rythm.

    • John Russell

      I feel the same way. I’d like to be able to play to different genres, different styles. Classic Rock, Metal, Oldies, whatever…but more variety would be so welcome at this point.

  • MW

    This game needs graphic refreshments after all those years.
    Yes, gameplay is entertaining, but environments are boring and dull. Gaming on top of the mountain, on the beach, flying over city or on the stage – that’s the dream. I think that company like facebook can afford a couple of 3d backgrounds:).

    • Richard Ziewiec

      All these things can be done on the PC version with mods.