Running out of fresh songs after downloading Beat Saber’s first paid DLC, Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1? Well, Beat Games just threw out a free track for their block-slashing rhythm game that should keep from getting too crabby.

The newest track is Noisestorm’s ‘Crab Rave’, and it was made free yesterday on all supported platforms including PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets.

We nearly missed the news ourselves, as April 1st is probably the worst day to gather and report the news for fear of inadvertently passing on a clever joke. And we thought ‘Crab Rave’ had “joke” written all over it, so we ignored it with the rest of the funny, albeit fake news. But it’s real.

Name notwithstanding, there was seemingly no better day than April Fool’s Day to release ‘Crab Rave’ for Beat Saber; Irish DJ Noisestorm released the track last year as an April Fool’s Day gag, although its subsequent success was far from a joke. After going viral on YouTube, it soon off in both the European and US dance charts. To date, the ‘Crab Rave’ music video has garnered more than 57 million views on the platform.

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‘Crab Rave’ can now be found under the ‘Extras’ tab, alongside POP/STARS by K/DA, a recent free track featuring a virtual K-POP group created by Riot Games, the studio behind League of Legends.

In case you’re wondering what ‘Crab Rave’ looks like on the hardest setting, Expert+, YouTuber ‘Orange W’ gives us a good look of what to expect.

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  • gothicvillas

    another generic electronic music track…
    Honestly, if i had a choice, I wouldnt even download it. But fck its mandatory and messes up the mods. Beat Saber should make this as an option. I dont want to fill up my song library with this crap.

    • Downvote King

      I don’t think they can make it optional, apparently the only practical way they could get new songs into the game at all is through updates to the game itself. even when you pay for the Monstercat pack it just unlocks the songs, they’re already downloaded in an update.

    • DanDei

      You can actually revert your game back to an older via Steam. I haven’t bothered to try it yet because most mods are back after only a couple of days, but I read it works fine. So if you can’t live without your custom library for the 24 hours it took the main mod makers this time (already updated) there is your solution.

    • Sebastien Mathieu

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          • kuhpunkt

            How dumb are you? On a scale from 1 to 10?

          • gothicvillas

            Excuse me?!

          • kuhpunkt

            No, I won’t excuse you.

          • Zbyszek

            Well, at least get his joke then.

          • kuhpunkt

            What joke?

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