We’ve been keeping an eye on Everspace, the new VR-enabled space combat shooter from Rockfish, for a while now and it looks as if the company are finally ready to unleash the title on the world as the beta begins today.

As much as I tried my hardest to ‘get into’ the majestic Elite: Dangerous, my childlike attention span always left me feeling like my time spent with the title erred on the side of business rather than pleasure. This makes sense, as my favourite space-centric combat title to date is Freespace 2, for me the perfect blend of deep flight mechanics and arcade twitch instant gratification.

This is why when I came across Everspace, a new space combat shooter from developers Rockfish, I got a little excited as not only did it look to deliver the pretty (if unrealistic), epic spectacle of Freespace but it also promised virtual reality support too!

We haven’t heard much about the title of late, but today Rockfish have announced that an “exclusive beta” is due to start today, for those who request an access key early enough. to do that, heading over to the Everspace page here and pre-ordering the game for 40 EUR (around $44), doing so will automatically qualify you for a beta key. What we can’t guarantee right now is the current state of VR support. We can say though that alpha testers, who’ve had access to the title for a couple of months now state VR support is present and correct, at least for the Oculus Rift. We’re trying to confirm this right now so if you’re in any doubt here, perhaps hold off on the purchase. VR support was promised as part of their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign however and is listed on the game’s website for both Rift and Vive.

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Update 29/07/2016 @11am ET: We reached out to Rockfish RE the current state of VR support in the current beta build, here is there response:

In the mean time, feast your eyes on the new gameplay trailer, as it’s one of the best looking titles of this type I’ve seen yet. Whether the gameplay holds up to the visuals is another matter of course. If anyone out there has had their hands on the alpha and has tried it in VR, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Raphael


    • Arcade goood. ;)

      • Raphael

        For you – yes. Me no.

        • yag

          I’m curious, are you happy with Elite:D, simulation wise ?

          • Raphael

            Braben likes to focus on engineering details. Ships, SRV mechanics etc. ED is a work in progress. I want to see planets with atmosphere and weather systems. Also needs more than just tiny isolated bases on planets. I like it overall though.

          • yag

            Well simulation speaking, I am pretty happy with the gazillion commands to remember ^^ (the furtive mode is a nice touch btw)
            Me too I can’t wait to explore exo-earths, watching the sunset(s) melt into the sea… And also huge futuristic cities with a lot of traffic (‘The Fifth Element’ is a reference).
            Also I would like to see large complexes in space with a lot of animation, like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_NzqWY3sQU (too bad the game sucked :-/)

          • Raphael

            Agree. X-Rebirth had grand ambitions and those stations looked quite impressive. Thus far it looks like Star Citizen will come closest to that detailed all-encompassing space sim. SC needs to get the VR working again (as promised). The ship and space stations look amazing. Makes ED look dull by comparison. I was told that there’s a secret VR demo of No Man’s Pie for PS4 and that they’re making a VR version for PC as well.

  • Mateusz

    Looks good

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    Looks Great!

  • Damien Wilson

    They expect people to purchase this game direct through their website, not to mention pay 40 Euros. No thanks, no one’s about to take that risk for an unknown company with an untested product. Do like other indie developers, sale the early-access beta via Steam which enables consumer reviews and criticism.

    • ShiftyInc

      This game actually has a big community already, so many took that risk already. And by the responses it has been worth it.

    • Raphael

      Yar, needs to be seen on steam. 40 is a lot to pay for an arcade space game.

    • Greg

      They are not an unknown company, having been the creators of Galaxy on Fire, for me that qualifies buying beta access and I am not disappointed

      • Damien Wilson

        A mobile game doesn’t grant credibility in this regard. Besides, I’ve since seen reviews posted onto youtube and as expected, this game isn’t worth paying 40 Euros at this point in time. Dare I say we’ve all learned from Star Citizen, it’s not a good idea to pay top dollar for an unfinished product.

        • ✨EnkrowX✨

          Can you really be upset with star citizen though? you can play the current build today, and they are very transparent with their dev process. given the scope and complexity of the game, it’s kind of unreasonable to expect the game to be finished faster than it is. I have yet to see a space game that looks as good and has as deep of a flight model, as well.

  • Daemon Hunt

    Well I pre-purchased. I’m a believer! Now just need the game… oh, and the key lol