We’re keeping an eye on the best HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 deals, don’t blink or you might miss the best Vive sale this season!

Update – November 26th

The Best HTC Vive Black Friday 2021 Deals

Image courtesy HTC

Here’s a breakdown of the best HTC Vive sales we’ve seen so far:

Vive Headsets

Available through November 29th

HTC Vive Pro 2 (headset only) Black Friday 2021 Sale – 10% discount
Vive Pro Full Kit Black Friday 2021 Sale – 25% discount
Vive Pro Eye Full Kit Black Friday 2021 Sale – 21% discount
Vive Pro Eye (headset only) Black Friday 2021 Sale – 25% discount
Vive Cosmos Elite Full Kit Black Friday 2021 Sale – 28% discount
Vive Cosmos Elite (headset only) Black Friday 2021 Sale – 27% discount
Vive Cosmos Black Friday 2021 Sale – 14% discount
Vive Accessories
Vive Wireless Adapter – 43% discount
Vive Deluxe Audio Strap – 30% discount

Available through December 6th

That’s a lot of deals! Thinking of getting a Vive headset this holiday sale season? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Garbage deals on a garbage headset.

    • brandon9271

      HTC is a crap company for sure.

      • Anonymous

        The had their chances, but unfortunately it is obviously run by some MBA bean counter who doesn’t give a f_ck to learn what VR really is.

        • barnianjoki

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    • xyzs

      It’s a company with clueless key people who should get fired and replaced by a competent direction for sure.
      However, around 25 percent deal on hardware is far from a garbage deal. It’s a bit too much of an expectation here to think prices can be cut 50 percent off by magic.

      • No, it is a garbage deal. They’re trying to go after the Quest market by screaming “Look it’s on sale! It’s cheap too! Only $400!” but then you see that your $400 buys you nothing but the headset … which is kinda useless without CONTROLLERS or any way to TRACK IT … so yeah I’ll double-down here and say again GARBAGE DEAL on a GARBAGE HEADSET.

  • sfmike

    Good deal on the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap which works great with the Quest 2. Everyone should have one.

  • Ragbone

    He’s got 2 empty halves of coconuts and he’s banging them together.

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