Best Rated Oculus Quest 2 Apps – Free

The rating of each application is an aggregate of user reviews and a useful way to understand the general reception of each title by customers.

Rank Name Rating (# of ratings) Rank Change
#1 GYM CLASS – BASKETBALL VR 4.89 (34,394)
#2 First Steps for Quest 2 4.69 (1,292)
#3 Gorilla Tag 4.68 (67,765)
#4 Innerworld 4.65 (374) ↑ 1
#5 Oculus First Contact 4.63 (1,413) ↓ 1
#6 Hyper Dash 4.55 (2,137)
#7 Echo VR 4.53 (10,440)
#9 Anne Frank House VR 4.46 (1,039)
#10 Blaston 4.45 (2,445)
#11 We Live Here 4.45 (100) ↑ 1
#12 Gods of Gravity 4.43 (925) ↓ 1
#13 Dear Angelica 4.38 (275)
#14 Supernatural* 4.36 (10,951)
#15 POPULATION: ONE 4.35 (12,815)
#16 Rec Room 4.3 (25,394)
#17 ShapesXR 4.29 (216)
#18 WIN Reality Baseball* 4.28 (1,830) New
#19 Immersed 4.25 (1,730) ↑ 1
#20 Ultimechs 4.24 (562) ↓ 1

Rank change & stats compared to April 2023

  • Among the 20 best rated free Quest apps
    • Average rating (mean): 4.5 out of 5 (±0)
  • Among all free Quest apps
    • Average rating (mean): 3.8 out of 5 (±0)

* optional or required paid subscription

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  • ViRGiN

    Since we aren’t getting any stats for PCVR – everything is absolutetly the same for the past couple of years. Every new game release is an immediate flop, and after a handful of people actually play these new PCVR titles, they all go back to gorilla tag/beat saber/blade and sorcery.

    • Andrew Rutledge

      I only play Walkabout Mini Golf.

    • CaptainTurtle

      I think you’re not being fair with VR here. There’s also a sizable player base for other games like contractors and pavlov, Ancient dungeon has really good reviews on pcvr as well. Honestly haven’t ever touched gorilla tag and haven’t played beat saber in over a year. Blade and sorcery is an addiction of mine though thanks to the absolutely incredible modding community. But its far from the only VR game I play

      • ViRGiN

        Not fair?
        Ancient Dungeon is yet another game that has zero business running off anything PC powered.
        It topped at 102 concurrent players back in December 2022. I don’t remember when it actually launched, but it’s still early access on Steam.

        Game could have 100% positive reviews. Steam is either positive or negative, no “3 stars” or something.
        Yet 102 concurrent players? That’s a dead irrelevant game right there. Currently 10 players now, last 24 hours peak – 17. Yeah. Nobody cares.