Physics-based VR melee brawler Blade & Sorcery is still going strong nearly two and a half years after its initial early access release. Back in June, we got our first peek at the next major development which is slated to expand beyond the game’s sandbox roots and introduce a more linear experience with procedurally generated dungeons for players to plunder. Now we’ve gotten a more detailed look as indie studio Warp Frog finalizes rooms in the game’s Update 10.

Update (September 1st, 2021): Warp Frog offered up news on Blade & Sorcery’s Update 10 release today. Although we’re no closer to knowing exactly when it will arrive, we got a good look at a few of the semi-procedurally generated dungeon interiors coming to the game in U10.

Again, no release date yet, however Warp Frog says that its free update “probably should have been a second game” in terms of how large this mode will be for the final version. We’ve tossed that video down below before the original article. The first teaser has been moved to the bottom of the article for clarity.

Original Article (June 8th, 2021): Blade & Sorcery developer Warp Frog today teased the game’s next major patch, Update 10, which will include the beginnings of a new linear game mode called Dungeons. While the developer says the game’s original sandbox mode is here to stay, Dungeons will give players a new way to play the game.

Update 10 will include the first procedurally generated dungeon environment, called Greenland, which the studio says is dynamically pieced together from hand-made rooms so that no two runs will be the same.

Instead of battling waves of enemies, like in the game’s sandbox mode, dungeons will have pre-spawned enemies that players will need to defeat as they delve deeper inside. Enemies will also have basic AI with patrolling and a field-of-view.

While Blade & Sorcery’s Update 10 will bring the first dungeon environment, along with a revamped ‘home’ space for players (previewed here), it won’t yet include a loot or character progression system. These are expected to be added in later updates; the developer has teased a currency system for buying better equipment and some kind of skill tree for unlocking new abilities.

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The studio stresses that it’s still early for the Dungeons mode and the initial release is likely to feel incomplete (it is early access, after all), but the hope is to gather some key feedback as the rest of the systems come into place in later updates. For now, Blade & Sorcery Update 10 is expected to land around Q3 or Q4 this year.

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    I’ve always been interested in this but the sandbox part of me off. Sounds like a dream game if they can pull it off and hats off to them for putting it in an update, not dlc or new game

  • blade and Sorcery will turn into Skyrim Blades VR before Skyrim Blades VR ever releases XD

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    ok, guess i’ll buy the game now.

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    This looks spectacular. I hope this puts an end to the “it’s not a real game” criticism

  • 3872Orcs

    When this releases I’ll play the game much more!

  • david vincent

    Blade & Sorcery, THE game that makes you want to invest in full body tracking :-D

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    Oh, finally getting somewhere. Perhaps with more menacing foes too…