One of the most original, visually arresting and sombre VR experiences, Blocked In, has just received an update bringing with it a host updates from reworked geometry to Oculus runtime 0.7 support.

This test version of the much loved Blocked In an interactive virtual reality diorama where you watch your world become slowly overcome by giant Tetris blocks. Yes, it’s as odd as it sounds and yet remains one of the most memorable VR experiences available.

The author of the demo, and founder of The Shoebox Diorama, Daniël Ernst has let us know that he’s released an updated version (currently for testing) with a number of revisions and improvements, not least of which is Oculus runtime 0.7 support.

Download ‘Blocked In’ Here

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As well as that though, Ernst has taken the opportunity to revisit some of the experience’s assets. Upgrades include:

  • Reworked textures
  • Reworked geometry
  • Realtime shadows (with the help from Tim Moelard from the Virtual Dutch Men)
  • New progression flow. The “problem” with dioramas is that it takes about 5 minutes in the space before it starts working. After 5 min you start forgetting your environment and start experiencing the virtual one. So I’ve added a progression structure where you can unlock a new view once you’ve stayed in a view for 5 minutes.
  • A new Tetris tune.

However, as stated, this is a test version so be wary of the following:

  • Some shadow glitches in the main menu miniatures.
  • Some shadow glitches might occur.
  • No options menu.
  • No return button to the main menu
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Ernst is currently working on an all new diorama experience called The Pigeon Man, a very early version of which I was lucky enough to take a peek at during Gamescom 2014. You might also want to check out Ernst’s excellent Der Grosse Gottlieb, available on Oculus Share right now.

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  • bcoyle

    Is it just me or are there network issues at the moment with downloading the demo? Would love to take a look at the updated version of BlockedIn