Although both Blood & Truth and Firewall Zero Hour are technically PS4 games, both PSVR titles have been updated to take greater advantage of the power of PS5.

As we found in our review of PSVR on PS5, pretty much any backwards compatible PS4 PSVR title will benefit from improved loading times when played on PS5, but otherwise most games look and play pretty much identically. As we hoped, however, some developers are starting to update their titles to better tap into the power of PS5.

Blood & Truth Updated for PS5

Image courtesy SIE London Studio

PlayStation London Studio, the developer behind Blood & Truth confirmed this week that a new update pushes the game to its highest fidelity when played on PS5. The studio notes the following improvements:

  • Higher resolution
  • Higher framerate (up to 90 FPS)
  • Highest detail assets used at all times
  • Improved texture details

“This is across the whole game, as well as all our free DLC,” the studio says.

Firewall Zero Hour Updated for PS5

Image courtesy First Contact Entertainment

Competitive VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour is getting a similar treatment, says developer First Contact Entertainment. In a video tweeted this week, the studio writes:

Firewall Zero Hour played on PS5 offers reduced load times and improved visual fidelity resulting from an additional increase in supersampling pixel density from what is currently offered on the PS4 Pro.

We’ll be taking a look at both updates on PS5 very soon.

We’re glad to know that developers will be able to update their PS4 PSVR titles to explicitly take better advantage of PS5’s extra horsepower when played in backwards compatible mode, even if PSVR’s low display resolution puts a damper on overall fidelity. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s still a lot of power under the hood that the games can’t tap into because they aren’t built natively for PS5; Sony still hasn’t confirmed if we’ll ever see native PS5 games for PSVR.

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  • Affe
    • Wild Dog

      Nay, console peasant. The PC Master Race will accept all of your PSVR developers into its embrace. This is but delaying the inevitable.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        Oh please, stop being a snob, there’s nothing wrong with the PSVR, it’s a great VR solution for a low price.

        • Wild Dog

          For you. But the developers have gotten the short end of the stick with Sony dumping ps5 vr support short of backwards compatibility. It’s all they can do to dangle off the stick’s edge like this before they fall into our grasp.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            What are you talking about, the PS5 has PSVR support, yeah one needs a special dongle for the camera to work, but you get it for free and new packages already contain it. And the PSVR2 will arrive somewhere towards the end of summer next year, first they want to make sure the PS5 itself is complete and shipped.

          • Wild Dog

            Sony has no plans for PS5 VR games other than backwards compatibility. Their CEO has lost interest in current VR tech and says it’ll take more than two years for sony to pick it up again.


    • Andrew Jakobs

      There will be a PSVR2, but just not at this time. And be glad they will wait, as the prices of better components will come down so you’ll get a better headset.

  • Rob Farthing

    Looking forward to seeing a comparison with PS4 pro on Firewall and a review of the updates! Especially for long range aiming and sight on these games

  • Wild Dog

    Oh, I see. They’re trying to delay the inevitable.

    But in the end, only the PC Master Race awaits them.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Now THAT’s what PSVR people want to see, real PS5 enhancements for the PSVR. It’ll be a good time to upgrade.. Now hopefully other developers will follow, like Crytech with their Robinson the journey (but I doubt it as they also abandoned the game on the PC).

    • Annalisa Zeman

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  • Lucidfeuer

    There’s a big problem to Sony not having iterated on a PSVR2 -already-: VR Headsets unlike consoles is not something you can improvise with a standard model (in fact even consoles now really on mid/tier-cycle refreshes), but something that has to be iterated several time in order to get right.

    Given Sony’s current governance I don’t even know if there’ll even be a PSVR2, probably, but what I know is that it will most assuredly not be satisfactory product.

  • Alexisms

    They ought to have made an effort to fix the difficulty settings. Wanna change difficulty during the game? You can’t. Want to start over on a new difficulty? You’ll need to delete all your saves. Very peculiar. I wouldn’t care but this game is so good that this is really annoying to me! :-)

  • Finally! If more developers do this, in the end PS5 will be an interesting upgrade also for PSVR owners

  • Ian Mack

    Great news, I’ve often thought the biggest issue with psvr is the quality of WHAT is being rendered, not the resolution…. Not that higher resolution on other headsets isn’t an improvement, just that assets and geometry are psvr’s biggest issue.
    ….well, other than the lack of analog sticks on move controllers, maybe