Bowshooter ‘In Death’ Launches Out of Early Access With ‘Paradise Lost’ Update on October 2nd


Sólfar Studios, the Iceland-based studio behind roguelike VR archery game In Death, has announced that the game is set to launch out of Early Access on October 2nd, accompanying the ‘Paradise Lost’ update which will bring new enemies and a new weapon.

Update (September 17th, 2018): Having been in ongoing Early Access development since February 1st, In Death is due to hit its full ‘1.0’ launch come October 2nd, the same day that the forthcoming ‘Paradise Lost’ update is rolled out. The game will launch on the Oculus Store and Steam priced at $30, an increase over the current Early Access price of $20. The studio says they’re actively developing a PSVR version of the game but have yet to reveal a launch date.

In Death has enjoyed a very positive reception from players during its early access release, holding down a 4.5 out of 5 review on the Oculus Store, and a 93% positive rating on Steam. It’ll be interesting to see if the game will appeal to a potentially wider audience when it launches fully on October 2nd.

Original Article (August 20th, 2018): In ‘Paradise Lost’ you’ll find “new enemies in the form of cute cherubs harassing you from the air as well as banshees hitting your with their powerful magic. Finally, you will not get through Paradise Lost without dealing with the Archangel Gabriel that guards its exit,” the company says in a Steam update.

Along with the cherubs, a new weapon is coming to the game too, a crossbow which is said to deal “more short-range damage than the bow.” Up until now, the only weapon available was the bow and arrow, albeit with plethora of arrow types at your disposal.

Image courtesy Sólfar Studios

“We are fast approaching the Full Release of In Death where you will as an Early Access player receive all of the new content for no additional charge,” the studio says. “Expect more details on our full launch in the coming days and weeks.”

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In Death’s full release is slated to arrive sometime in 2018. The game currently supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Window VR headsets.

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  • nejihiashi88

    sorry i won’t play a game that make fun of of the angel Gabriel or protray him in any way.

    • FranzDa


    • don’t worry, I’m going to take care of this for you.

    • Les Vega

      Even as a fan of this game I have to admit this may be crossing the line a bit. is this some corrupted form of gabriel or something? because if not thats pretty offensive to a lot of people at a time when we really don’t need to be driving more people away from vr

      Also anyone who bought into killing demons only have the theme changed to killing angles and demons could find this change chafing with their sensabilitys.

      • kuhpunkt

        Crossing the line? Offensive?

      • Gonzalo Novoa

        It’s a freaking game, for God’s sake!! No offense but some people are so oversensitive that it borders on ridicule.

      • dogtato

        Theme hasn’t changed, taken from their website: “In Death´s dream kingdom, Heaven is abandoned. Amongst its crumbling
        ruins, angelic creatures and demons alike have run amok. Only a
        courageous hero that dares to venture deep into the Afterlife will be
        able to restore Harmony.”

        I checked internet archive and that text has been there since at least dec-2017 when they announced a closed beta

        • Les Vega

          yes and the game still needs to do a better job putting more of it’s story in the game it’self hopefully by the time it leaves EA.

          • Raphael

            Not everyone wants a story. Especially since most game stories tend to be very cliche and wouldn’t get published by any reputable book publisher.

            I liked the Painkiller story from years ago but that involved hot looking angels.

      • 2nice 4life

        what is offensive in slaying a fictional character?

      • Many people in this community including me find your comment very offensive. I have to admit your comment might be crossing the line a bit. I agree that we really don’t need to be driving more people away from because of comments like yours.

        Anyone who came into thinking they were not going to read comments as offensive as yours only to scroll down and see a comment like yours pop up in the comment section could find this change chafing with their sensibility.

        It disgusts me.

        • Les Vega

          I’m sorry but, do you not understand the difference between a question and a statement or is English not your first language?

          I don’t have feelings ether way on it but I have heard people getting fairly upset about some of these changes happening without any story context as of yet to explain what is going on and am curious about the point of view.

      • Raphael

        As a demon I was not happy about killing other demons. So any new content where I kill my so-called immortal fluffy winged enemies is a good thing. As a minority group I am often the target of hate from christian fanatics determined to destroy me.

      • Ryan

        You know there are more than one Angel. Maybe its a fallen angel. How do we now they lose their golden wings when they fall to hell?

        You know what they say, scary monsters don’t lead people astray.

        As a christian myself, I act like i was sent to defeat the angel who is keeping the souls of these people in Limbo. Call it self-righteousness but it makes the game play feel more fun in a way. Maybe you are a Angel sent to defeat this Fallen Angel. There is no story make your own.

    • disquatic

      I feel the same about Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, so I understand.

    • JJ

      awww you’re upset over us killing your fantasy creatures? Hail Satan!

      • dogtato

        satan? if he was christian, wouldn’t he care about killing all those crusaders? according to wikipedia i think you need to hail iblis

        • Ryan

          As a christian I act like i was sent to defeat the angel who is keeping the souls of these people in Limbo. Call it self-righteousness but it makes the game play feel more fun in a way.

  • Jets

    Guys, girls it’s 2018 please!

    • Raphael

      Wrong… it’s 1984 and I am coding in z80 assembly language.

  • FireAndTheVoid

    I’m super stoked. Love this game.

  • Jeff Axline

    This all looks fantastic but I’m not so sure about adding a crossbow. It’s essentially adding a gun to a bow and arrow game.

    • Ryan

      I’m sure its for people who aren’t good with the bow and arrow. Plus it looks like you can shoot it faster. i’ll play it and i’ll update my reply to let you know.

    • Ryan

      Super fun lol

  • DjArcas

    Hopefully the balance is improved. I found the the progression tailed off far, far before the end of the difficulty, so I was left with hoping I got better drops, rather than the ability to improve my character/stats/weapons.

  • LowRezSkyline

    This is a real hidden gem. Element of Dark Souls + excellent bow mechanics, love love love it.

  • Raphael

    The first game that’s good I didn’t complain about Tellyport.

  • jasonmartino

    It’s an awesome game and worth $20 for hours of intense game play. It’s a difficult game made more intense by having to start all over again when you die. Fortunately acquiring achievements unlock abilities and power-ups that make it easier to get back to where you were. The sound of an arrow whizzing past your head while you’re hiding behind a column and then hearing a crusader walking up behind you is pretty immersive. The music, sound, and art style is top notch.

  • LowRezSkyline

    Nice! The Dark-Souls of bow shooters is finally getting released. A hidden gem.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    mehy… another 1000 times deja vu of “kill dozens” bad guys from a fixed point… time to give us freedom of displacement and a true Open world!

    • Raphael

      I generally prefer open-world but there are exceptions. This game is an exception. It’s not killing from a fixed point either. You move around either with bow teleport or trackpad full locomotion. It’s not a fixed point wave shooter.