Hot on the heels of our exclusive reveal of Microsoft’s Enterprise VR Headset, we’ve received these supposedly leaked images from their forthcoming consumer offering, ‘Project Neo’.

Update: As funny as this April Fools article was back in 2014, Microsoft has since officially announced their forthcoming entry into the VR market with ‘Project Scorpio’

Microsoft Enters the Metaverse

These images were sent to us by someone claiming to be based in the Microsoft VR development team who wishes to remain anonymous.  He claims that Microsoft has already begun to show off Project Neo privately to developers to drum up excitement. Details are scarce at the moment, but we do have the following specifications:

Project Neo being shown to potential developers
Project Neo being shown to potential developers


– 640×480 LCD Screen
– 37 degrees Field of View
– Custom 2DOF Tracking System called “DOF Mode”.
– Exclusive to the Xbox One
– Minesweeper VR to be launch title

Not much else is known at this time, but we will be sure to bring you any updates the minute we receive them. Stay tuned.

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  • elecman

    LOL. This one is even funnier than Brian’s post. Classic!

  • monographix

    You don’t have any mercy on Microsoft, do you? :)

  • kevin williams

    where XBone’d!

  • snake0

    I hate shit like this, no point even reading the news on April 1st. What a waste of a day.

    • eyeandeye

      Boo hoo.

    • urmumgei

      oh so sad

  • Derek Anhorn

    Oculus Rift & HTC Vive:
    110 degree field of view

    37 degree field of view

    That is an absolutely MASSIVE difference.
    Even the PSVR is significantly better.

    It’s not looking good for XBox One, good thing this is only a dev kit…

    • Dobba

      Look at the date of the article. 1st April 2014. It’s a two and a half year old April Fools story.

  • Mike Handles

    Wasn’t Neo a Playstation thing?