Dioselin-Gonzalez2Dioselin Gonzalez is a senior VR engineer at Unity Labs who is working on bringing VR creation tools to the masses. Project “Carte Blanche” will be launching sometime in 2017 and will be targeting desktop VR consumers with an Oculus Touch or HTC Vive who are not programmers. I had a chance to catch up with Dioselin at Unity’s VR/AR Vision Summit where she talked about these next-generation VR authoring tools.


Unity is working on creating smart assets so that users will be able to use voice commands to find 3D models & scripts from the Unity Asset store, and then instantiate objects & behaviors within virtual worlds using a virtual deck of cards using tracked controllers. Unity imagines that people will be able to create VR games and worlds to explore without having to know any programming. It will also allow you to export a Carte Blanche project and and import it into Unity so that you could do rapid prototyping of virtual worlds.

Dioselin mentioned to me that you’ll be able to share virtual worlds to Facebook so that you could have your friends join you, but it’s unclear if this social media integration goes beyond a text notification or if it’s a sneak peak into some of Facebook’s plans for hosting native VR experiences.

Dioselin graduate school research was in making collaborate art projects within CAVE environments around the country that were linked together, and she says that Project Carte Blanche will have also incorporate collaborative world building functionality. Sylvio Drouin told me that the project Carte Blanche tools should be expected to launch sometime in 2017, and Unity is starting to think about how to move beyond the five millions Unity developers and create something that more like forty-five million people could use to tell stories within VR.

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  • realtrisk

    Wow… Sounds cool. Looks like I might just run out of excuses for not learning to use a modern game engine to make games.

  • Joe Michaels

    Great podcast. Dioselin is a wonderful ambassador for Unity. Makes me want to jump in and start authoring.

  • SnazzyD

    “Dioselin mentioned to me that you’ll be able to share virtual worlds to Facebook…”
    And they lost me….